Avicii Releases Levels Music Video

AVICII LEVELS 601x360 Avicii Releases Levels Music Video

Levels may be my favorite song of 2011, but I unfortunately can’t say the same about its music video. Perhaps it needs a few more views from me, but as of right now, I don’t get it. I’m not sure where Swedish DJ Avicii was headed with this one, seeing as how the video really doesn’t make much sense. But then again, what music video does make sense these days?

The song itself is an undeniable hit and has absolutely blown up. No matter how many times I listen to it it’s still as infectious and enjoyable as it was on my first listen. Avicii is arguably one of the most talented DJs in the world right now, and listening to his music is always a pleasure. I just wish this video was a little more, well, normal.

Either way, I love Levels, and if you enjoy the song as well, check out the official music video below. Let us know what you think in the comments.

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  • Mlawliet

    the video is awesome, original and meaningful. Perhaps it doesn´t meet your quota of sexy women dancing to either a stupid plot or no plot at all, but the meaning of the video has moved me deeply.. besides what do you find attractive in normalcy?

  • luisao

    This video is not original … is an imitation of the old Fat Boys Slim – Push the Temple

  • ashwinaj

    As usual Americans(I guess?) don’t get this. Anything foreign to them is lame…if you take some time to really watch the video you’ll find your own meaning in it. Love these European videos, I wish they made them a lot more like in the 90′s(Fatboy Slim, Chemical Bros, all the great Euro DJ’s)

  • Lothian

    Yes, this video is arguably the best Dance Music video ever !
    And I can tell you I’ve been around for a while..

    Where to start?
    You in your office, with the makeshift uniform, bad hair day to look society-compliant, getting a lecture from your boss and giving her the fingers by starting dancing on your fav tune?
    What about Tim Berg on the picture in front?
    And this sudden craze about going in the mountains, ski slopes, rainbow, freedom anyone?

    To end-up with one of the most hilarious zombie infestation ever!?!

    God, how one cannot see the genius behind this vid??

    Sorry Mr Matt Joseph, but I am afraid to say you must have passed your sell by date..