Check Out TomorrowWorld’s Official Trailer And Stage Designs


Atlanta, Georgia festival TomorrowWorld is less than a month away, and its organizers are intent as ever on capitalizing on your last-minute FOMO. The brainchild of SFX-owned Tomorrowland parent company ID&T – whose reputation recently took a hit when they had to cancel their inaugural One Tribe festival which would have taken place in SoCal during two of the same days – has released an official trailer for the annual massive, which will celebrate its third year.

In the video, a fantasy-like intro characteristic of ID&T’s other promotional videos precedes a series of nature, crowd and performance shots set to “The Hum” by Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike and Ummet Ozcan. A montage of fireworks and confetti blasts accompanies the track’s drop, and the ecstatic motion of festival attendees calls forth feelings that are universal to anyone who’s ever attended a live music event in the past five years.

Meanwhile, TomorrowWorld’s nine stages themselves look as on point as ever. Featuring artists from every shade of the EDM spectrum, they embody a variety of themes like “wind” or “boat,” with an all-new “Key of Happiness” stage now gracing their ranks.

After watching the TomorrowWorld official trailer, take a look at the festival’s stages and let us know whether or not doing so made you more inclined to attend the festival.

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