Up And Comers: Rapper Britton Morgan Is Going Places


Up And Comers: Rapper Britton Morgan Is Going Places

I’ll admit I’m a bit late on this, but still, I’d say this guy deserves some attention. Britton Morgan, a young rapper/producer hailing from Atlanta, GA, has only been at it for a couple of months but it’s safe to say that he’s going to be getting a lot more attention in the near future.

His music video for Castles, his first single (which he also produced), can be seen below, and if you’re a fan of rappers like B.O.B or Lupe Fiasco, you’ll definitely find something to love here.

An infectious electro-pop beat gives Morgan the backbone for a song that deals with more than the usual tropes of sex and money. It’s easy to see that Morgan can rise above mundane lyricism with lines like, “You’re like that castle sitting on the highest hill, hon/Lavish from a distance” and “What are you like on the inside?”

Check out his video for Castles and be sure to keep an eye on Britton Morgan, who I’m sure we’ll be hearing more of in the future!

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