DubVision’s “Million Miles” Ft. Denny White Is As Meh As The Main Stage Gets


EDM has become so oversaturated that a track doesn’t even need to urge me to put my fucking hands up to get on my nerves anymore.¬†DubVision was friendly enough to make my realize this by releasing a lackluster Denny White collaboration titled “Million Miles.”

Before you make a beeline to the comments to make whatever defensive argument people who just aren’t that into music make, keep in mind that I have no problem with other mainstream music featuring Denny White. The main culprit in this case is the recycled synth lead and cookie cutter song structure – and since DubVision’s name is on that part, I’ll place the blame squarely on them.

Don’t get me wrong, though, if you’re basic you’ll probably love¬†DubVision‘s “Million Miles” featuring Denny White. If that’s the case, make sure to lay out all your reasons for disagreeing with me in the comments section below. I’m ready for it.