Kaskade Uploads Holy Ship! Rip Of Never Sleep Alone


After surprising those in attendance with a huge b2b set with Skrillex back on Holy Ship! a few weeks ago, Kaskade has gone ahead and uploaded a rip of one of his new, unreleased tracks that he dropped during the performance: “Never Sleep Alone.”

Audio quality is actually a bit better than what you’d typically expect from a rip and the song itself is a knockout. Full of Ryan’s signature sound, the angelic vocals, a funky, electro-tinged bassline and some silky smooth production combine for an enchanting listen that draws you in almost instantly and doesn’t let go for even a second. Though it’s still without an official release date, we’re already giddy with anticipation for an official version of this one.

Take a listen to “Never Sleep Alone” above and let us know if you’re loving this new track from Kaskade as much as we are.

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