Nato And Remy’s Last Stand: Playlists For The Apocalypse

%name Nato And Remys Last Stand: Playlists For The Apocalypse

The scene: A near distant future where the zombie apocalypse has finally overtaken humanity, creating a gutted version of Earth that only knows death and decay. Be it December 2012, or 2212, horror films have finally become reality. More than three-quarters of the population have turned, but your hardened group of survivors have held out thus far, making ends meet along your challenging journey.

So here you are, fortifying a dilapidated farm house as best you can, with only some shoddy wooden structure between you and a horde of undead beasties. Keeping quiet, you pray the horde passes by without noticing your group huddled inside the war-torn house, until that one asshole in the bunch just has to move and knock over something stupid like an empty can or something equally as noisy – it never fails. Of course a few walkers here it, surround the house, and start banging on the structure in an attempt to force their way inside. You try to take a few out quickly, slipping a machete through the cracks and slicing into zombie brains like a warm knife through butter, covering the outside with a reddish mist, but still can see countless waves of walkers meandering slowly over to join the siege on your once humble abode. Windows start breaking, rotting arms start reaching in, beams of light pierce the splintered wood where the pounding has become heavier – yeah, it’s all or nothing time. You know the house is barely standing, as do your comrades, and in an unspoken agreement, you all know the task at hand – time to go “Wolvie-berserk style” and hope for the best.

But just as you’re about to weapon up and go apeshit, you see your almost dead iPod laying on the table (for this article’s sake, we’ll say you had a generator running at some point and could charge up some). Knowing full well this might be your last hoorah, and intrigued by the possible adrenaline boost, you pick it up and pop in your ear buds (like how Jessica Biel grooves out while killing vampires in Blade: Trinity). But now the problem – how do you pick what to listen to?! This could be your last tango, last stand, last chance to prove your worth! You need music fitting of the situation, and motivational enough to transform yourself into one zombie killing warrior badass.

Thankfully, Remy and I have prepared for this, already having finalized and synched up our end of the world playlists, which we’ll share for inspiration while you reflect on the scenario and create your own, because, hell, why not be prepared for the worst?


I have spent way too much time imagining what the end of the world would be like to pretend that I don’t have my end of the world mix already, because I do. I mean, if you imagine an end of the world scenario, how can you imagine not having an iPod loaded up with all the best jams to help you cave in the skulls of potential pursuers? For my APOCALYPSE PLAYLIST, I have what I like to consider a very balanced set of songs. Some of these you listen to when you are fighting for your life against a hoard of post-apocalyptic mutants. Some of these you put on when you have long stretches of walking to do, just to keep you going and help keep your eye on your end goal, whatever that may be. Some of these are for when you miss your family or friends, and you just want to look at the sky and let a tear fall from your eye.

The fact of the matter is, I know a great deal of people with much more official jobs than me, and they are beginning to hoard food and weapons, which (genuinely) leads me to believe that there may be something big and bad on the horizon, set to happen soon. Even the government has begun setting up “fake zombie drills” that would help aid people in what they should do in a situation like that. So basically, the end of the world is coming, whether you like it or not. The least we can do is provide you with a set list to get through that disaster with the most efficacy.

Here’s my take on some songs which would make up my APOCALYPSE PLAYLIST, and let’s just hope I last a little longer so I can flip the old iPod on Shuffle and get a few last-minute surprises in.

Lock, load, and kick out the jams people. Shit’s about to get mad real.

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It’s The End Of The World As We Know It – R.E.M

A silly end-of-the-world anthem that will put a smile on your face, just when you need it most.

Aerials – System Of A Down

We don’t know how the world ended yet. Maybe it actually won’t be zombies? If it were aliens, this would be the perfect anthem.

Shame – Wu-Tang Clan

This is for when you need to use a baseball bat to can-open some brains. Undead bashin’ time!

What’s This? – Nightmare Before Christmas Soundtrack

Perhaps this song, where Jack sings about everything being brand new and covered in white (ash in our world) would be the perfect song to spin how you look at your new situation.

Porcelain – Moby

Alright, we are taking a step back for this track. A late night song to listen to when you need to reflect and shed some tears.

Idioteque – Radiohead

The frantic pacing of this song is the perfect tempo if you need to run, fast and far. Pumps you up and gives just the adrenaline you need.

Lost Cause – Beck

Listen, we might be in over our heads here. We may be doomed, depending on scenario, and we need an incredibly depressing song playing to remind ourselves that our mission may be pointless and futile. This song will do that.

Passenger – Deftones

Do you know how much time you may be spending in a car after the world ends? You may just drive around, from town to town, looking for other survivors. On those days, this song will be the perfectly ironic anthem.

Up In Here – DMX

Listen, the moment will arise when you surely need to stomp on some skulls, Ed Norton style. And when those moments do arise, you want to ensure you have the best song to listen to that will help maximize your damage output. This IS that song.

What A Wonderful WorldLouie Armstrong

Ironic and haunting, no? In “What A Wonderful World,” you have the one song that will remind you just how much you have lost, and at the same time, make you feel so lucky for what you still have. Yes, it will make you cry and think of all the hardships and death you have experienced, but in the same breath, it will cause you to look at the sky and realize just how truly beautiful life still is, even amid the end times.

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Nato’s Zombie Killin’ Music

Alright, maybe I think I’ll fare a little better in the apocalypse than Remy, maybe I got a little carried away and too focused on zombies, maybe I have too much music to pick from, or maybe I lost power for a while during Hurricane Sandy and had nothing else to write about (yes, and going on day 11), but in any case, here’s my playlist worth blasting when you ride into the mouth of hell!

Knights of Cydonia – Muse

This is my gearing up song, playing while my group tools up, digging that beautiful Western gunslinger feel accompanied by Muse’s always interesting sound. Brilliant guitar work as always by Matt Bellamy, haunting vocals, and then the breakdown: “No one’s gonna take me alive!  The time has come to make things right!  You and I must fight for our rights!  You and I must fight to survive!” Game on, time to bust the front door down in style.

Those Who Slay Together, Stay Together – Chiodos

This song is actually the inspiration for our article, literally being a story about a bunch of people fighting through the zombie apocalypse. Again, an awesomely soft piano introduction gets us ready for the harder guitar riffs to kick in, mesmerizing with an all too fitting song worth rocking out to while you make a few heads roll. Chiodos understands.

Holy Diver – Killswitch Engage

I love Killswitch, but I love them even more when they’re covering Ronnie James Dio, and doing it f*cking perfectly as well. Holy Diver is already an old-school metal classic, but this is one of the greatest cover songs I’ve ever heard, something befitting of the god of hard rock himself. Throw your horns up and deliver some holy justice amongst the horde of undead waiting for your salvation, letting Killswitch take over and incite the riot you’re about to bring.

Superbeast – Rob Zombie

If there was ever a time you needed to be a Superbeast, I’d say the zombie apocalypse is a pretty damn good time. No more mister nice guy, it’s the time for your dark side to take over and unleash the animal from within. Hell is spilling over all around you, laying waste to the weak. Don’t be another statistic, show those zombies what you’re made of, and let horror rock icon Rob Zombie set the tone.

The Sweet Life – Every Time I Die

Time to get cocky people, this isn’t a time to go soft. “Ain’t nothin’ gonna break my stride, ain’t nothin’ gonna slow me down. Oh no! When there’s no one disapproving.”

Bad Company – Five Finger Death Punch

Another one of my favorite recent covers, Five Finger Death Punch brings their one-of-a-kind punch-in-the-face delivery to a classic rock ballad, and roughs it up – hard. Ivan Moody’s deep vocals and the driving chorus make a perfect theme song for any group of badasses, and in the zombie apocalypse, you’re going to need that extra testosterone boost to push you and your group of survivors to safety.

Cowboys From Hell – Pantera

Rest in peace Dimebag, but if I’m rocking my Zombie Killin’ Music playlist, I might be closer to meeting him than I want to be. One of my favorite Pantera songs has to be Cowboys From Hell, and provides a heavy metal anthem for gunslingers bent on takin’ over towns. Channel the music deep, and hope Dimebag is watching over your as the most hard rocking guardian angel you can ask for.

Blindfolds Aside – Protest The Hero

This is a pick based on musical organization alone, because the minute I heard Blindfolds Aside I immediately acquired the entire Protest The Hero CD anthology. It’s that perfect mixture of chaotic riffage and head banging intensity that does nothing but get the blood flowing. Lyrics aside, this song makes me want to dive into a mosh pit full of zombies Tyreese style when he gets locked in the prison gym in The Walking Dead comic.

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The Few That Remain – Set Your Goals

Set Your Goals is a great band that knows how to rock and stay positive at the same time, and The Few That Remain is a perfect example. I want to rock out and go crazy, but sometimes not in an angry or moshy way. A nice diversion from impending doom, plus it’s got Hayley Williams from Paramore making a little cameo, and it’d be nice to hear that heavenly voice one more time as well. Not to mention, I’d assume the title would fit my situation at the time, if I like it or not.

People = Shit – Slipknot

For the angry teenager in all of us, I’m not afraid to admit I still like Slipknot. People = Shit is that perfect song that just says “f@ck you” and gets you right in the mood to throw some bows and not give a shit about humanity. Fitting, since humanity now doesn’t give a shit about you, and is currently trying to have you for dinner. Bring it on.

Ready To Die – Andrew W. K.

Welp, at this point in the playlist I’d assume some sort of fatigue is setting in, and ammo may be running a little scarce. The thing you don’t want to think about is starting to look closer and closer, but who cares, because the original party rocker Andrew W.K. is playing! Now you can embrace the unknown and still keep your adrenaline pumping, and act his words out on the waves of zombies that only seem to be growing.

Waidmanns Heil – Rammstein

A song about hunting for women? Well, since it’s by Rammstein and I didn’t know that before actually looking the translation up, I don’t really care. All I do care about is another driving riff that makes me love Rammstein all the more. Screw it, I’ll pretend the song is just about hunting, while keeping a zombie right in my crosshairs.

Bombshell – Powerman 5000

C’mon, who doesn’t love a little Powerman 5000, especially off the album Anyone For Doomsday?! In the apocalypse, you better be ready to “drop the bombshell” numerous times when thinking about your own survival, and this song drives home that metaphor pretty hard. Plus the whole “Get up! Get up! Get up!” chant is pretty meaningful, and might provide a little pick me up if you’re starting to tire out, because zombies never stop.

No Brakes – The Offspring

Quick and meaningful, the song is about keeping the pedal to the floor. “Lay awake, I don’t give a shit, if I even ever wake up in the morning.” Yup, it’s still game on and the adrenaline needs to keep flowing. Are you seeing the pattern here as well? Yeah, I may like rock n’ roll a little bit.

SubZero vs. Smoke – Mortal Kombat

Because who didn’t hear this tuneage and immediately want to have it playing during a fight scene they were in? Plain and simple. If you could have an out-of-body experience and watch yourself slay zombies to any song, how could it not be this?

Run This Town – Miss May I

Another fantastic cover and a pop/hip hop song this time, Miss May I have done a great version of the Jay-Z/Rihanna/Kanye West collaboration Run This Town, and it’s time for you and your group to run this freakin’ town, zombies or not. Who’s going to run this town tonight? Hopefully you, and not the brain munchers still advancing.

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The Wolf Is Loose – Mastodon

Another mile a minute hard rock heavy hitter, it’s time for you to unleash your inner wolf and lead your pack in a fight for survival. It’s another song in a long line of speed rock craziness meant to keep your heart racing and machete swinging. Plus, Mastodon rules, so much so they recorded an awesome intro for Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film For Theaters.

Now You’ve Got Something To Die For – Lamb of God

Now you’ve got something to die for, yourself. Are you going to just curl up in a ball and let hungry zombies huddle over you, ripping at your flesh for your organ-y goodness, like a human piñata? Or are you going to man up and keep fighting even when the odds seem incredibly out of your favor. Lamb of God are here to help, keeping your mosh mentality going. Zombies and a crowd at a metal concert, both just as dangerous.

Waiting To Die – (Hed) PE

That inevitable end is growing closer and closer, and who better to help you accept that than (Hed) PE? Everybody dies, right? But you get to go out swinging, or even catch a miracle and live another day! Just another song to keep you going in such trying times.

Enemy Of The World – Four Year Strong

“I feel like, I’m jaded, I’ve given all I have to give. Burnt out, frustrated, I feel like I’m an enemy of the world!” No, you don’t feel it, you are. The world has gone sour and you’ve had enough, so keep on fighting with Four Year Strong leading the battle.

The Way of The Fist – Five Finger Death Punch

Because that’s the only thing keeping you alive now. No regrets, no mercy, just the way of the fist. Well, maybe not fist, because then you run the risk of zombification, but maybe the way of the machete, or crowbar, or nail-laced baseball bat?

We’rewolf – Every Time I Die

Honestly, I just dig the hell out of this song, and would want to hear it one last time before I go out. “In the wild, kingdom, you don’t live till’ you’re ready to die.”  Ugh, and then the pace change at the end where Awesome Andy and Jordan riff the hell out, it’s just all too perfect. Every Time I Die strikes again.

The Flood – Escape The Fate

Looks like there’s no escaping this fate, as a never-ending flood of zombies is still crashing down amongst you. No place to go, so I might as well rock out to some dirty guitar tracks and more head banging goodness while taking out as many of the undead as possible.

Mothership – Enter Shikari

“Go tell all your friends, that this is, the end!” Well, your friends that are left at least, if any, and do so while listening to the UK’s greatest synth touting metal band. I love the complimenting electronica sound over head banging hard rock, and Mothership could be the best song off of Take To The SkiesSorry, You’re Not A Winner and Labyrinth are close seconds, but when Mothership drops, all hell just breaks loose with raw energy. Yes.

I’m Made Of Wax Larry, What Are You Made Of? – A Day To Remember

Another personal pick with no correlation to meaning or anything, but whenever I hear this song the music just takes over. “Don’t blink, they won’t even miss you at all.” It’s true, because there’s no one left to miss you, and the only reasons zombies will miss you is because that’s one less meal they get.

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We’ve Got A Situation Here – The Damned Things

Alright, it’s officially panic time, as your now twenty-five songs deep into the last playlist you’ll probably ever hear, ammo low, fatigue absolutely setting in, the number of dead zombies piling up around you only growing – we’ve certainly got a situation here. It’s a good thing The Damned Things are here to save you with the power of rock!

Scream Aim Fire – Bullet For My Valentine

“Scream, aim, and fire, the death toll grows higher!” Can anyone else say last stand? Time to grip it and rip it, giving those undead bastards your last exertion of energy, mowing down as many demons as you can before it’s lights out. Right now it’s killing time, and the only way out may just be to die.

Electric – Boris

No lyrics, no thinking, it’s just time to grind out time as your battery, playlist, and chances near an end. Boris’ Electric is just that song, an instrumental groove that kicks ass from start to finish, just like you.

Push Push Lady Lightning – Bang Camaro

Powered by nothing but a billion vocalists and straight manpower, Bang Camaro rocks out with their cocks out, shredding the hell out of two guitars while numerous singers punch out the chorus. “Push push, lady lightning!  Push, Pushhhhh.” Who the hell knows what that means and really cares, I’m just about getting lost in the riffage while decapitating some zombies.

I Need Your Clothes, Your Boots, Your Motorcycle – Austrian Death Machine

A band who dedicates all their songs to the manliest man alive, the Governator himself, Arnold Schwarzenegger, while absolutely melting faces? Yeah, I’m in. If anything is going to get me amped, it’s a song about the invincible killing machine himself, The Terminator. A good character to visualize while not backing down.

Nothing Left – As I Lay Dying

Not to get morbid, but they call it a last stand for a reason. How long can you actually go without a break as a zombie slayer? Might as well go crazy to some As I Lay Dying, lets just hope you aren’t mimicking the band’s name at this point though.

You Will Remember Tonight – Andrew W.K.

Take me home, Andrew. How are you going to forget your last fight, last gasp of air, last anything? “(You will remember tonight) And after all these years, this is your night!” Couldn’t have said it better myself, you’re damn right you’ll remember tonight, being a life changing event, and possibly your last human memory. Who knows, maybe you’ll make it out by the grace of some divine intervention, but once the apocalypse starts, I highly doubt it will ever stop.

My Hero – Paramore

Here it is, that little battery pack in the top right corner is flashing, all too ironically. I mean, again, not to be a dark son of a bitch right now, but if I go out in a blaze of glory to any song, Paramore’s haunting rendition of the Foo Fighter’s My Hero is it. Maybe going out saving a friend or something like that, making it all the more meaningful. Either way, this song more or less spells the end. Just pray for a quick one, eh? Hope you left that one last bullet, just in case.

Dead Silence – Billy Talent

But if I do make it past Paramore’s My Hero, that’s it. Game over man, game over! “Dead silence, will come to rescue me, when violence, has done this world away. Dead silence, I think we can escape, till death, do us part, in the end! Dead silence, will come to rescue me, when violence, as took this world away, dead silence, no time to be afraid, my love, I will see you again!” See you bitches later, I’m going out listening to my favorite band ever, and on my own terms. Let’s hope it doesn’t come to this if there is a zombie apocalypse, but it doesn’t hurt to be prepared. Rock it out Billy Talent, and let’s finally bring this crazy ride to an end.

Now it’s your turn!  Feel free to let Remy and I know how we did with our selections, and let us know the songs that would accompany you in the bitter end!

*A special thanks to Remy for stepping in to guest write!  Feel free to follow either of us on Twitter for even more insanity and updates:

Matt Donato

Remy Carreiro

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