Surrender To Olwik’s “Fight No More” Featuring Terri B


Surrender To Olwik's "Fight No More" Featuring Terri B

This fall, we’ve been fortunate enough to receive not one but two originals from Swedish DJ/producer Olwik. After flexing his progressive house muscles with last month’s “Velocity,” he’s feathered off the gas pedal somewhat to deliver “Fight No More,” a considerably more poppy, melodic use of his keen production chops.

Featuring a glassy top line by vocalist Terri B!, “Fight No More” is built around a bouncy¬†synth melody that almost sounds like something from an ’80s pop song with updated sound design elements. While the simplistic progression and straightforward lyrics make it less of a stylistic game changer than, say, some of Olwik’s recent remixes, the track makes up for it with undeniable mass appeal.

Seing as how¬†Olwik has ramped up his originals recently, perhaps music fans can expect more from him in 2016. Until then, however, be sure to check out “Fight No More” on Spotify.