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Have you met the team that keeps We Got This Covered running? If not, then feel free to meet us below.

*Please note that, while some of our staff members write for multiple outlets, all content published on We Got This Covered is exclusive and will not appear elsewhere.*

Matt Joseph | Founder, Owner and Editor-In-Chief

Matt created We Got This Covered in the Summer of 2010. Though it started off as a WordPress blog called We Got It Covered, the site quickly became a full fledged entertainment hub covering a wide variety of topics and areas. With five years of experience under his belt, Matt works hard on the site to ensure that We Got This Covered is a respectable, legitimate and well established website that meets the needs of its audience.

In addition to writing and editing, Matt also handles business development, public relations (for film), social media and most technical aspects of the website. It’s a lot of work, but he enjoys doing it and is always striving to provide the best experience for the site’s readers.

Though he has an Honors Business Administration degree from the Richard Ivey School of Business at the University of Western Ontario, Matt’s true passion lies in film, and he hopes to use what he learnt at school to help grow and operate We Got This Covered for as long as he can.

His favorite film is still, hands down, The Shawshank Redemption. Although, Inception came awfully close to stealing that honor.

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Chad Goodmurphy | Managing Editor

Chad grew up with a controller in hand, starting his gaming career with a borrowed Atari 2600 near the age of three. Since then, he’s spent many hours invested in games of all genres, and has developed a love for the industry. That passion made him decide to explore professional video game journalism in the winter of 2010, with the hope of joining a publication where his articles could be read by a large amount of devoted hobbyists like himself. That dream was enthusiastically realized in early 2011 when he joined both Video Game Talk and We Got This Covered, progressing to the role of We Got This Covered’s managing editor within a short period of time.

As someone who has loved writing for as long as he can remember, Chad has dabbled in creative writing as well as more formal ventures, including a role as a horror movie and DVD reviewer for a defunct website known as AllHorrorMovies.com. It was during the latter venture when he began to hone his impressions-based writing style, eventually realizing that he was more interested in covering interactive games than celluloid stories. With that change came reviews written as entries for contests, brief articles written on the Xbox Forums and the creation of a small review blog, entitled Game Under Review.

Being someone who’s played video games for approximately 20 years, Chad has a long list of favourite games. Some of its highlights include: Harvest Moon 64, Goldeneye 007, Perfect Dark, Banjo-Kazooie, Fallout 3, Duke Nukem 3D, Diddy Kong Racing, 3 on 3 NHL Arcade, NHL ’96, River Raid, Darksiders, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, Uncharted, Final Fantasy VII, Sunset Riders, Donkey Kong Country 1-3 and the Legend of Zelda franchise.

Although Chad primarily joined this website as a video game content writer, his first two articles were about his two favourite sports teams, the Toronto Maple Leafs (NHL) and Toronto Blue Jays (MLB.) As a devoted sports fan, he follows both teams and their respective leagues on a day-to-day basis, and tries not to miss a game.

In addition to writing for We Got This Covered, Chad is also employed as a staff writer for High-Def Digest Gaming.

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Matt Donato | Associate Editor

A horror lover through and through, Matt can typically be found preparing for the imminent zombie apocalypse by absorbing every possible genre film from George A. Romero’s original Night of the Living Dead to newer zombie masterpieces like [REC]. Not only confined to undead shamblers, Matt lists The Thing, Aliens, Evil Dead II, and most recently The Cabin In The Woods as some of his favorite horror fare – a list that constantly changes. Coupled with his love for snooty craft beers and the best foodie treats NYC has to offer, if you find this Brooklyn resident wandering into your local watering hole late at night, avoid starting a movie related conversation with him unless you have no plans for the next two hours. Given the chance, the three celebrities Matt would most like to have a beer with would be Samuel L. Jackson, Eli Roth, and Thomas Lennon – in case you were wondering.

It was during his stint at Hofstra University where Matt discovered a fiery passion that burned for all facets of cinema, exhausting his Netflix queue at an alarming rate. Slowly transforming into the go-to film nerd amongst his group of friends, you could imagine the looks he got when answering the generic college-aged conversation opener “What’s your major” with “Business Management.”

Matt’s humble beginnings were much like any writer, starting out on a small blog created with a few buddies. As he wrote more and more, his desire to chase new opportunities grew, and that’s when We Got This Covered found their bastard child for all-things horror. Aside from representing WGTC throughout the NYC press circuit and critiquing mainstream Hollywood releases, Matt of course continues to spotlight unique horror titles you probably didn’t know existed, sharing his undying genre enthusiasm with the entire WGTC community. If there’s a random horror movie with only one review on Rotten Tomatoes, nine times out of ten it’ll be written by Matt Donato.

Films like Snatch, The Godfather, and Fargo got him obsessed with cinema. Films like Feast, A Nightmare On Elm Street, and Cabin Fever got him specifically digging horror. The only question is, what director will create that next special film, elevating Matt to a new level of cinematic nirvana?

Be sure to check back every week for an ongoing column Matt writes with fellow journo Remy Carreiro called Nato And Remy’s Last Stand, as the dynamic duo tackle new horror conversations each week.

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Isaac Feldberg | Assistant Editor

A self-admitted movie fanatic, Isaac is at his happiest soaking up the latest and greatest in cinema. An eternal optimist, he always looks for the best in the movies he sees, and usually he’s able to zero in on a particular film’s strengths (unless it’s directed by Michael Bay, in which case all bets are off).

After getting his first published review under his belt at the age of 8 (of a Gameboy Advance Charlie and the Chocolate Factory video game for Bay State Parent, natch), Isaac kept writing and searching for new venues to develop his skills. Along the way, he picked up a love of just about every genre, with leanings towards stylish sci-fi and action fare.

It was Blade Runner that first launched Isaac into a torrid love affair with everything sci-fi, and films like Serenity, District 9, Inception and, most recently, Cloud Atlas that keep him on his toes, ready to take in the next great science-fiction masterpiece. As far as action goes, nothing can quite match the enjoyment Isaac gets from watching Liam Neeson dispatch half of Paris in Taken, though Die Hard will always occupy a special place in his heart. If you ever dare to ask Isaac the age-old question, “What’s your favorite movie?,” prepare for a lengthy discussion involving everything from the artistic genius of Drive to the disturbing moral implications of Source Code.

Isaac is about to make the leap from a high school in the Massachusetts suburbs to Northeastern University, in the heart of Boston, where he aims to find other film buffs as hopelessly addicted to Netflix as himself (and perhaps learn a few things). All the while, he’ll be bringing you the latest news and reviews right here on We Got This Covered.

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Dominic Mill | UK Editor

A man-child of the highest order, Dom spends most of his days alternately pawing lustily over photos of Michael Fassbender and furiously defending the merits of all things Nicolas Cage. Making up for his general lack of intelligence with an English accent and a love of Charlie Kaufman films, he’s currently studying English and Drama at Goldsmiths, which is definitely a legitimate degree in every conceivable way.

A former contributor to Next Projection, any moment of any day that Dom doesn’t spend talking about, writing about or watching movies either involves sleep or awkward attempts at social interaction.

Also, he once high-fived Richard Ayoade.

Being born and raised on the wrong side of the Atlantic wasn’t going to stop Dom from getting a coveted job at We Got This Covered – even if it meant making one up, which he swiftly did. As WGTC’s UK editor, Dom holds down the fort on the far side of the pond, which essentially boils down to fruitless attempts at organization and sending lots of passive aggressive emails.

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Chaz Neeler | PC Gaming Editor

Our resident neckbeard, Chaz Neeler is the angry nerd that the Internet deserves. A lifelong gamer, Chaz started cutting his teeth back in the mid 80’s with his trusty NES and has shown no sign of stopping anytime soon. Using a writing style that is equal parts intellectual discussion and fart jokes, Chaz hopes to develop a cult following that will elevate him to the status of a Greek god, but we’ll be happy if he simply stops demanding Toga Tuesday to be an official We Got This Covered mandate.

We have no real recollection of hiring Chaz. In fact, we’re not even sure he’s on the payroll. Chad Goodmurphy made the mistake of feeding him once, and he hasn’t left the bunker since. If anyone is able to provide any information on where he may have come from, please contact us ASAP.

With an astonishing amount of hours put into gaming over twenty years, trying to compile a list of his favorite games seemed to only confuse Chaz. He was able to spurt out Super Mario Bros. 3, Super Punch Out, Diablo II, Dark Souls and Enslaved before sulking away to work on his seemingly bottomless backlog.

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Jordan Adler | Staff Writer

The roots of Jordan’s love for the cinema may go back to the time he taped Raiders of the Lost Ark on VHS, re-watched the opening sequence countless times, and then cried when he left the tape in the VCR one morning and a soap opera was recorded over it. It may have also been his incessant watching of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, which still inspires him to say, “Candy is dandy, but liquor is quicker,” at random moments.

He grew up in Toronto, a town with an incredible film culture. Between TIFF and setting David Cronenberg films, the city has been a big reason why movies are a big part of his life. He was lucky enough to see Star Wars: Episode 1 at the York, The Wizard of Oz at the Eglinton, and a few titles at the Uptown before those great movie houses closed. Today, locals can find him perusing the halls of the Varsity and TIFF Lightbox cinemas on the weekends.

Jordan joined the We Got This Covered staff in September 2013. It was a natural progression from the previous four years, as a student from Carleton University’s School of Journalism. At the university, he also majored in film studies, hoping to blend his passion for cinema and zeal for writing into a sublime package. So far, it has worked out well.

He also writes features and reviews for Toronto Film Scene and about arts and current events for the Canadian Jewish News. His arts journalism has also been featured in Marketing Magazine, Tribute Magazine and Samaritan Mag.

His Top 10 favourite films are, in order: Magnolia, The Apartment, Barton Fink, Almost Famous, Memento, 12 Angry Men, Se7en, Apocalypse Now, Chungking Express and Sherlock Jr. (Yes, Se7en is his seventh favourite movie. Deal with it.) As for television, he grew up watching The Simpsons and Whose Line is it Anyway after school every day, which moulded his sense of humour. His recent favourite shows are Friday Night Lights (not including season 2), Arrested Development (not including season 4) and Mad Men (all seasons included).

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Jeff Beck | Staff Writer

Jeff has been a film buff as long as he can remember and started writing film criticism in 2008. In 2009, he graduated “cum laude” with a degree in English from Virginia Commonwealth University. He currently writes for a number of sites including The Richmond Examiner, The Huntington News Network, and of course, We Got This Covered, where he reviews movies and Blu-Rays in addition to keeping everyone up to date with the latest awards season news.

His favorite films include Dr. Strangelove, Pulp Fiction, Amadeus, and The Lord of the Rings, but his favorite film of all time remains 2001: A Space Odyssey. His favorite directors include Stanley Kubrick, Akira Kurosawa, Quentin Tarantino, and Christopher Nolan.

In his free time, he enjoys furthering his film education by watching a wide variety of movies from any time and any place as well as discussing cinema with friends.

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Christian Law | Staff Writer

Living off of Cheetos, Ghost Adventures and Odd Future, Christian occasionally chooses to write news, reviews and features for entertainment websites. A junior studying journalism at the E.W. Scripps School of Journalism at Ohio University, he makes sure to use his love of film, gaming and music as a reason to skip class and eat sandwiches.

Christian began writing for the Speakeasy Web Magazine in 2011, right before he joined We Got This Covered during the summer. Finally putting to use something he learned, We Got This Covered became his outlet for spastic ranting, reviewing, and reporting. His love of everything horror is slowly eating his mind, but it’s definitely worth it.

Although it’s hard to choose, he would have to say that Goodfellas is the best movie ever made, Forrest Gump is overrated, and not enough people enjoyed Sunshine. His favorite games include the Mass Effect series, Dead Space, the Uncharted series, Custer’s Revenge, and anything created by Suda 51. He also tells his friends to watch Breaking Bad obsessively, or else.

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Alexander Lowe | Staff Writer

Alex has loved all aspects of the media his entire life, but since graduating from high school his passion for cinema has skyrocketed. After working as an editor and spending a bit of time in front of the camera, he realized that he enjoys studying film and writing about it most of all (though he’s willing to listen to offers if someone wants to buy one of his screenplays.)

Originally from just outside Chicago, he’s spent the last 3 and a half years studying the craft of writing and reporting at the Meek School of Journalism and New Media at Ole Miss in Oxford, Mississippi. His writing about film was mostly just for gathering his own thoughts on a few small blogs until joining We Got This Covered in July of 2012.

His ranking of favorite films frequently fluctuates, but the one movie always at the top is Good Will Hunting. Extremely close behind would be all 3 of Nolan’s Dark Knight films and The Lord of the Rings trilogy.

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Lauren Humphries-Brooks | Staff Writer

Lauren has loved film ever since she was a wee bairn and watched Lady and The Tramp over and over again. She further increased this passion by studying film and writing at a graduate level. All of which has successfully qualified her to tell you how wrong you are about everything. She also has a Ghostbusters tattoo on her back, which makes her totally badass.

Lauren started writing movie news for We Got This Covered in the long ago of 2012 and enjoys it, not least because she actually gets a leg up on all casting news running around the interwebs. She also writes film editorials for Man I Love Films, her own blog, and works on that pesky novel that she’s supposed to finish sometime in the next millenium.

Asking Lauren to choose her favorite movies is like asking an alcoholic to choose a favorite liquor. If really pressed, she’ll say that Alfred Hitchcock is the greatest filmmaker ever, and therefore Psycho is the best movie ever made. Other films that are awesome are The Lady Vanishes, Ghostbusters, The Fearless Vampire Killers, The Passenger, Last Year At Marienbad, and How To Steal A Million. She will arm wrestle you if you say otherwise.

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Sam Woolf | Staff Writer

Sam is one of those ’90s kids the who knew how to use a computer before he could tie his shoes, because Math Blaster was his jam, and Velcro was invented to make knots obsolete. Growing up all over Canada meant that movies, TV, and games made for easy constants, so most of his life’s decisions, aspirations, and marketable value are based on an intimate knowledge of The Simpsons, N64 and Space Jam.

He went to Queen’s University to become a biologist because The Thing gave him the impression that wildlife research is mostly about getting drunk with Kurt Russell and using flamethrowers (it isn’t). To safeguard his friends from fatal exposure to rants about how A New Hope is better than Empire Strikes Back, and drawn-out explanations of the titling differences Die Hard had in other countries, he started blogging back in 2010. It quickly became the kind of life-affirming pursuit that counting dead fruit flies in a university lab never was, so after graduating in 2012, he boldly struck out into the exciting world of cultural analysis, self-publishing, and raiding payphones for subway fare.

He lives in Toronto, and is making a go of the writer-ing thing full-time, reviewing, interviewing, and just generally commenting on all manner of media. He’ll tell you his proudest achievement thus far as a writer is being a part of the great staff at We Got This Covered, but really it’s that time a Hollywood starlet called his hair perfect (no, it wasn’t J-Law). Comment on his articles, or follow him on Twitter, and he might tell you what he thinks of Spider-Man.

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