5 Ways That How I Met Your Mother Can Ruin Season 9

How.I.Met .Your .Mother 5 Ways That How I Met Your Mother Can Ruin Season 9

I, like many fans, was pretty disappointed with season 8 of How I Met Your Mother. It seemed as if the contract negotiations and uncertainty surrounding the end of the show severely affected the quality of what turned out to be the penultimate season. The show was less funny, less heartwarming, and less enjoyable than ever before. That frequently happens with sitcoms that overstay their welcome, so the main question going into the start of season 9 is whether season 8 was a fluke, or has the show really lost its magic and stayed on the air for too long?

We know that season 9 is going to be different than the previous seasons. Instead of taking place over the course of a year like we’re used to, it’s supposedly all going to happen on the weekend of Barney and Robin’s wedding. Weekends aren’t all that long, so we’re likely going to see overlapping stories and a fair amount of misdirection. We also have already seen the mother, and she’s set to be a prevalent part of the season, so obviously that’s very different than what we’re used to.

I’d like to be optimistic going into this season, but I’m finding that very hard to do after sitting through season 8. If season 9 is the quality we’re used to, then who cares how horrible 8 was, but if it’s another let-down of a season, well, that will certainly hurt the show as a whole, especially since we’ve been building to this for the last 8+ years.

There are a few really bad things I could see the writers and creators doing with the show this season. Because of that, I’ve decided to outline 5 ways that How I Met Your Mother can ruin season 9, and in the worst case, have season 9 ruin How I Met Your Mother. Obviously there are endless possibilities of ridiculously stupid things that could be done, but the five that follow in this article are things that I could realistically see happening. So read on, and cross your fingers that none of these things are remotely near this final season of HIMYM.


Continue Playing Will They Or Won’t They With Barney and Robin

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This was my biggest complaint with season 8. The writers insisted on playing “will they or won’t they?” all season long with Barney and Robin. That used to work, but with the incredible conclusion to season 7 where it’s revealed that Barney and Robin have a wedding day, the mystery behind their relationship was lost. Still, the show insisted on completely ignoring that reveal and still tortured us for a whole year of Barney and Robin acting like they may break up, or like perhaps they weren’t really meant for each other.

Now, I’ve said from the end of season 7 that just because they have a wedding, that doesn’t mean they’re going to get married. But it does mean they have enough of a relationship to get engaged, and stay engaged through the planning of a wedding and up until the morning of. After that, we have no idea what’s going to happen, but we know they reach that point. I’m completely fine with their marriage never happening. At this point I really couldn’t care less whether Barney and Robin end up together. But they reach their wedding day.

Even if this season only takes place the weekend of the wedding, I know that we’re going to be subjected to countless episodes where it’s supposed to look like Barney and Robin won’t make it to the altar. Wait, does Robin still have feelings for the sympathetic Ted? Oh no, Barney is freaking out about the possibility of being tied to one woman for the rest of his life! What? Robin’s career is going to ruin the wedding? Forget all of that. I don’t want to see it. Focus on Ted and the mother, and let the wedding serve as the backdrop to it all.

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Make Someone Other Than Cristin Milioti The Mother

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How I Met Your Mother is famous for deceiving its fans with awesome twists, so it would make sense that there’s some huge twist coming this season, and that’s what I’m afraid of. Almost any twist possibility I can think of involving Ted and the mother is bad. If someone has a good twist there that would actually enhance the season, please enlighten me. Possibly the worst twist they could throw in is that the mother reveal wasn’t real. After we’ve waited so many years to glimpse the mother’s face, after seeing her ankle and her umbrella, the girl we saw at the end of season 8 wasn’t really her.

All the promotion in the time since season 8 ended has revolved around seeing the mother as played by Cristin Milioti. In fact, if you search Cristin Milioti, Google already says, “Cristin Milioti is an American actress known for her role as The Mother in How I Met Your Mother.” So there really wouldn’t be a more epic switch than having Milioti not actually be the mother, and it either be someone from Ted’s past or someone random. While it would be unexpected, I say it would be a twist just for twist’s sake, and it really would feel like the writers and creators lying to their audience. That’s one twist I definitely would not be a fan of.

In fact, I can only think of one thing worse than making some random chick the mother instead of Milioti…

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Make Robin The Mother

Robin 5 Ways That How I Met Your Mother Can Ruin Season 9

…and that would be making Robin the mother.

There are still online theorists who want to insist that Robin is the mother. Despite the fact we know the kids refer to her as Aunt Robin. Despite the fact she can’t have kids. Despite the fact it would be absolutely ridiculous in every way possible. Some people just insist on insisting that Robin will still, by some stroke of fate, be the mother.

I’m making this a separate page from the previous one since I could actually see them throwing in the twists of all twists and making Robin the mother. Yes, it would go against everything we’ve seen so far in the show, and everything they’ve indicated, but they could always give some bogus explanation like Ted was deceiving his kids the whole time, trying to keep some suspense in the story. He could have even told the entire story with a different name so they wouldn’t know he was talking about their mom. Basically anything is a possibility with the way the show is set up, and that’s been the source of its strength so many times, but in the wrong hands, it could certainly be its downfall. With great power comes great responsibility. Please don’t abuse that by making AUNT Robin the mother.

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Reveal That Ted’s Kids Are Adopted

himym kids 640x360 5 Ways That How I Met Your Mother Can Ruin Season 9

A popular theory in some circles is that Ted never ends up getting married, and his kids are actually adopted. All his talk about the mother is simply him fondly remembering the friend he adopted the kids from. I get that she’s never walked into the room while Ted is talking, and he seems to always refer to her as “your mother,” but come on. This would be yet another twist that would absolutely ruin the show.

For Ted’s kids to be adopted wouldn’t be horrible in concept, but it just wouldn’t fit at all with his delivery so far. In case you can’t tell yet, I’m opposed to any twist that doesn’t follow suit with the way the mother has been talked about since the start of the show. It’s supposed to be something special when we finally see Ted meet the mother. We’ve listened to him build her up for the last eight years. If the creators decide to do anything with season 9 that diminishes that wait, it’ll be a crime. That’s why I was so opposed to the way season 8 ended. I wanted to see the mother when Ted saw the mother. To first meet her at the same moment as I got to watch him lay his eyes on the woman who would later be his wife. That was diminished by the end of season 8, and it would be further diminished if she’s not actually the love of Ted’s life, but rather is just the mother of his adopted children.

I think this one is the most unlikely of this list, but then again, HIMYM has surprised us many times before.

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Marshall And Lily Continue Drifting Apart

How I Met Your Mother Field Trip 5 Ways That How I Met Your Mother Can Ruin Season 9

One aspect of season 8 that I certainly wasn’t a fan of was Lily and Marshall’s relationship. They’re one of the greatest couples on TV, and they have been for years. It’s always a treat to watch just how awesome they are together, and honestly, it’s the sort of relationship I feel most people should aspire to be in. In season 8 though, things started to go downhill for them. Having a baby began to take its toll, which is a true, realistic part of life. But what didn’t seem as realistic is how drastically their interactions with each other changed.

Most striking was when Marshall lied to Lily about his law firm folding. He simply kept going to work for so many weeks without ever telling Lily that he was no longer practicing law. That was so out of character for Marshall that I could hardly accept it. Something more subtle than that to show a riff perhaps, but that was too much. Now, they’re struggling with whether to move out of the country for Lily’s job, and I expect that will play a large part in season 9.

What I don’t want to play a large part is any further disintegration of their relationship. Any sullying of their relationship will only damage the image of the greatest relationship that so many have grown to love. I get that they have issues to work out, and that’s fine. Let them work it out. But keep it in character, and let them stay as awesome as we’re used to seeing. Anything else will be disappointing.

Do you all think these things would ruin season 9 of How I Met Your Mother? Are any of them are possible? Head down to the comments section to share your thoughts, and be sure to check back every week for my reviews of HIMYM season 9!

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  • topcoatsandhats

    I don’t think marshal and lily will break apart because the show has showed them old and Ted didnt adopt the kids because at his college reunion after eating a sandwich he laughs and says where’s my wife

  • Walt White

    My friend works on the show and said they all did in the end.

    • Ww


  • Jerry

    I like playing with caca balls

  • Manuel Granados

    Showing a lot of Ted would ruin the season.

    • GhostofBrowningNagle

      hah i was thinking the same thing. This show impresses me if for no other reason that its pretty enjoyable despite how much ted mosby sucks.

      • Manuel Granados

        He is awful. He went from funny sympathetic dude you could relate to if you were around his age (which I am) to full on out pathetic whiny loser.

        • Bri

          Let’s not forget whiny loser that no woman would ever date!

          • Manuel Granados

            After finally seeing the mom and how she acts I can understand why she’d date him. She sucks. I hope she’s in episodes as little as possible.

      • Manuel Granados

        I found a new way they can ruin it: the mom can be absolutely unfunny.

        I was amazed at how she basically sucked the fun out of scenes.

        • GhostofBrowningNagle

          i watch the syndicated reruns so i guess i have a few more years before i have to find out for myself. wheeee.

  • wana zulfia

    i almost got kiled myself while watching HIMYM season 9.

  • Bri

    This season is unbearable, but I can’t stop watching out of loyalty. Someone please end it already!!!

    • Ad Noctum

      Yes, extremely boring and nothing happens. But at least I wanna know how it ends…

  • Ad Noctum

    Ted’s an architect which means he propably earns more many than most of us, he has great friends he can trust, owns damn big apartment in New York. My heart was with this guy for many seasons, but now he’s really neurotic and annoying…

  • JB

    It really is painful to watch this season. Where is the good writing? I can’t believe how really bad it is. I feel sorry for the actors having to follow the script. I’m turning It off…