Beauty And The Beast Review: “Redemption” (Season 2, Episode 14)

beauty and the beast Beauty And The Beast Review: Redemption (Season 2, Episode 14)

Nothing moves at even a remotely glacial pace on this season of Beauty and the Beast, and this episode is no exception. After a brief weekend hiatus, our favorite crime fighters are back to work. Hot on the trail of Sam (Tom Everett Scott), who has dedicated the last six years of his life to avenging the death of his young son (a mystery still to be unraveled), they continue with their faux-funeral plans hoping that with Gabe (Sendhil Ramamurthy) out of the picture, they have a better shot at closing the case.

Agent Landon (Elisabeth Röhm) chose door B, some form of witness protection for the meantime, and Sam is left playing the grieving husband. He may have everyone else fooled, but his performance is lackluster at best.

For a man who was only recently reunited with his wife after a six year separation, he appears strangely unaffected by her “passing.” Although when you consider the circumstances of his disappearance, he was clearly willing to take on his alter-lifestyle in hiding at the expense of her grief. It makes sense that as a man so consumed with his own emotions everyone else would fall to the wayside. Still, there’s a certain element of his plan that appears like he almost wanted to spare her from his transformation. First by disappearing, and then, by keeping her alive.

On the last episode of Beauty and the Beast, we saw Sam willfully trying to save Dana from his maniacal plan to blow up the room where their renewal ceremony was set to take place. If it had not been a necessary evil for Cat’s (Kristin Kreuk) plan to appear legitimate, she would have been out of harm’s way when the blast struck. In the larger picture, it probably doesn’t seem like much, but it must be a small comfort to know that at least a small piece of what they once shared still existed.

Once Sam is apprehended, or killed, it might be a smart idea to bring Dana back to the show in the capacity of the FBI liaison. She established a sound relationship with Cat and Tess (Nina Lisandrell0), and managed to wiggle her way into the inner circle without too much effort. She would be a great segue to their next mission and her resources would create a more elaborate web of information for everyone involved.

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batb9 Beauty And The Beast Review: Redemption (Season 2, Episode 14)

For the first time in Beauty and the Beast history we’re seeing a love triangle focused on Cat. Vincent (Jay Ryan) has starred in two of his own already. You may be thinking that technically Evan (Max Brown) counted as the third wheel for most of last season, but Cat never showed any particular sign of interest. She danced around the idea, but always lamented the idea of settling for someone she only had lukewarm feelings for. The situation with Gabe is decidedly more complicated. For once, she’s considering someone besides Vincent in a real way.

Fans of Beauty and the Beast have been teetering the line on this topic. On one hand, Vincent has been acting like a world class jerk for most of this season. On the other hand, Cat and Vincent (or, Vincat, as they’ve started being known as) are clearly of the meant-to-be variety.

In the past, when Vincent took off on an emotional hiatus, he was torn between his feelings for other women and Cat. With Alex (Bridget Regan), they shared a long history. It clouded his judgment and the nostalgia temporary overcame him. With Tori (Amber Skye Noyes), it was more of a shared nature. They were both beasts, and she emitted an animalistic pheromone that effected him on every level. These were both, more of less, selfish trysts.

Cat, however, has been all about Vincent since day one. She’s bent over backwards to make this relationship work, much to her own discredit. Although, she managed to come out of that year of her life mostly unscathed, if you count the wake of destruction along the way as collateral damage. Cat has finally been emotionally forced to salvage her own life by taking a step back from Vincent, and a step toward a potentially different future. It’s a choice she had to make. Now let’s just see if it sticks.

On top of all that, her own father is rooting against Vincent. Are you leaning more toward a Cat and Gabe future like him, or are you still standing your ground? Let us know all your Beauty and the Beast theories in the comment section below!

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  • Rie

    The show is called Beauty and the Beast not the Beauty and others. I am so losing interest in this show and the ratings are not so god. Bring back the love for Kat and Vincent before we all tune out. Thank goodness Tori is gone. Rie

  • Cherie

    Vincat belong together and will win in the end

  • Cee Cee

    Vincent and cat belongs together! Gabe and cat have no on screen chemistry and his story line is point less! Love the show but they need to do what works and thats Cat and Vincent together!

  • Vee

    Vincent and Cat should be together. If you keep the love between them going the ratings will improve! It ‘s a beautiful love story and we need to see more of it. I am hooked on this show because of their love story!!!!

  • Akemi Evangelista Jackson

    Keep Vince and Cat together…it’s ok to have rocks on the road for them but keep it them together. They are meant for each other