Charlie Hunnam Asked To Do An Eighth Season Of Sons Of Anarchy

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Sons Of Anarchy broke records when its fifth season premiered on September 11th, becoming FX’s highest rated telecast ever. Now, it seems like the network is trying to capitalize on the show’s impressive ratings.

Sons Of Anarchy creator Kurt Sutter has stated many times that the show was broadly planned for seven seasons, unless there was more story to be told. Late last year though when the show was picked up for seasons 6 and 7, many thought that those two seasons would tie things up. Now, however, it seems that there may be more to come.

The show’s star, Charlie Hunnam, recently did an interview for his new film 3,2,1… Frankie Go Boom, where he revealed that he has been asked to sign on for an eighth season.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that the show is confirmed for season eight, as Hunnam has stated “we’ll see” and FX hasn’t offered up anything official, but if the creative team of Sons Of Anarchy are keen to do more, it seems like a distinct possibility.

Check out the video below where Hunnam talks about Sons Of Anarchy, alongside his 3,2,1… Frankie Go Boom co-star Lizzy Caplan.

Sons Of Anarchy airs 10pm on Tuesdays on FX.

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  • Christine

    what a great article!!

  • Ellie

    How can she stay beside him without jumping on him ? :/ Can’t understand.

  • Lindsay Sperling

    Oh, man. Even though Kurt Sutter just said in an article that the show was ending after season 7. I’m still crossing my fingers!

  • Mark Paasche

    Shit, Jax has an accent?

    • Justin A.

      LOL, exactly what I was thinking.

  • your biggest fan!!!

    jax you are so fine too me I like the show and I Love to watch you

  • Dolce

    so fine

  • Kara

    That would be sweet I love the show and I do a count down to September for the 7 to start I can’t get enough of SOA I even watch it on Netflix every night before I go to bed

  • Tracy

    Would love a 8th season, great show, actors and storyline! Hope they do it :)