Homeland Review: “Broken Hearts” (Season 2, Episode 10)

Homeland Season 2 Episode 10 Broken Hearts 3 Homeland Review: Broken Hearts (Season 2, Episode 10)

After a somewhat sloppy string of episodes following the interrogation episode, Homeland seems to have found its focus again in an episode that blew everything out of the water. The show has remained consistent in the quality of each episode, but with a season that started off so strong, the mid-section was lacking in the extra oomph that we expect. In fact, if we take the past five or so episodes and pretend like they didn’t exist, we really wouldn’t be missing much. This isn’t a criticism to the show as the writing and acting have made each episode worth it, but story-wise there was a lot of filler.

What started off as a somewhat slow episode turned into something much much more. The second half was almost unwatchable as I was gasping for air at every turn and falling off my seat with sheer suspense. I had to cover my eyes on some occasions, but peered through the cracks of my fingers just so I can take in what was happening. It was almost as if they sucked the thrill out of the past episodes and decided to bombard us with it in 30 minutes. I don’t even know where to start.

How about I quickly mention the first half, which was very similar to the slow gait at which Homeland was going. I’m going to say this again: even when nothing is happening, Homeland is fantastic. However, when something is happening, it’s virtually perfect. The scenes with Brody and his family have always been a bit awkward, but in a good way. It’s clear the family isn’t going to make it together and that’s okay. The writers are so good that they made us believe Brody shouldn’t be with his family and that Mike would make a far better father.

If you think about it, Brody’s family has become somewhat of a hindrance to him and they’re constantly complaining about his absence and the lies. Though Brody does deserve it, his character would be far better off without the constant need to check in with his family. I really do hope Mike takes over because I’ve become exhausted of the same bickering over and over again. Also, don’t get me started on Dana and Finn’s…..whatever it was.

And just like that, Brody has become a terrorist again. I’m glad his cover was blown because if they had dragged that out even more, it would have been hell. I certainly was not expecting Nazir to capture Carrie and use her as blackmail, but good on the writers for doing so. It gave Carrie a reason to stick around and a reason for Brody to return to the dark side if even just for a bit. Great ways to use the protagonists indeed.

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Homeland 210 Saul Estes Homeland Review: Broken Hearts (Season 2, Episode 10)

Probably one of the most captivating moments in this episode was Carrie’s chat with Nazir. The way each actor delivered their lines was flawless. Both Carrie and Nazir had logic that kept outdoing each other. For Carrie to be a Nazir expert, this meeting was long overdue, but shockingly sudden. I don’t have much else to say on their little chat, but I will say that they have opened the doors for season 3 with Nazir’s mention of “something bigger”.

Brody’s infiltration of Walden’s estate was the source of my pain and my need for an oxygen mask. I don’t think Homeland has ever had suspense to that degree just for suspense’s sake. Last season’s scene in the bunker was by far the most suspenseful, but for completely different reasons. This time, it was as if I was watching an espionage spy movie where Walden could have walked in at any moment. I kept yelling at Brody to hurry the hell up because my body just couldn’t take it anymore.

Brody showing his terrorist ways to Walden was almost if not as captivating as Carrie and Nazir’s conversation. I never though Brody had it in him to actually watch Walden die let alone be the perpetrator of the crime. I thought for a second that Brody would actually not give the code to Nazir, but of course he does as Homeland loves to go against the grain and pull it off wonderfully. When Brody said “I’m killing you” with such conviction, a monster had been unleashed and we saw just how evil he had become. As for Walden, though I don’t care for his death, it certainly was shocking and it could lead to a whole series of complications.

I am by far the most curious about what Saul has gotten himself into. It has to be internal with the whole Quinn/Estes/Adal thing going on, but what? I hope they’re not simply going to debrief him on Quinn’s pending assassination on Brody because that would be completely anticlimactic seeing how Saul’s story ended this episode. I would assume it is something much bigger, but only time will tell. Is he a mole? I know that question has been going around a lot, but if he is, holy crap.

Next week’s episode sees Carrie completely safe even after her walking into a dark room filled with who knows what. With only two episodes left, things are about to get so big I’m not sure I can make it. I’ll make sure to have plenty of oxygen tanks ready for the next two weeks.

One last thought. Why is Galvez back? Something is amidst……

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