Disney Plus Going All In On Anime Streaming War With Several New Shows

Star Wars Visions Cast

Disney is going all-in when it comes to producing anime.

Not only was it announced today that The House of Mouse would be producing an Anime adaptation of its popular Japanese mobile game, Disney: Twisted Wonderland, but a number of other announcements were made about forthcoming anime titles coming to Disney Plus.

This all follows from the success of the anime anthology Star Wars: Visions as well as the company’s long-held distribution rights for the legendary Studio Ghibli.

It was during the company’s Asian Pacific Content Showcase event that the announcements came to light for anime titles that will include Black Rock Shooter Down Fall, Yojohan Time Machine Blues and Summer Time Rendering.

All the titles are rooted in existing Japanese properties, or are a direct sequel, with Twisted Wonderland originating from Disney itself. None of the forthcoming properties have official release dates yet.

In a statement (via Deadline), Disney Asia Pacific President Luke Kang said the forthcoming titles were curated by Disney’s global team for consumers.

“[Disney is] combining the global resources of the company with the best content creators from Asia Pacific to develop and produce original stories on Disney+…With over-the-top services going mainstream, emergence of world-class content from Asia Pacific and rising consumer sophistication, we believe that this is the right time for us to deepen our collaboration with the region’s best content creators to deliver unparalleled storytelling to global audiences.”

This all comes on the heels of other media companies like Netflix and Sony competing to be the top provider of anime for streaming.

We’ll have to see how Disney fares in the market for such content but given successes like Star Wars: Visions and the Hayao Miyazaki masterpieces that they brought to American audiences, we think it’ll do just fine.