The best Legendary Pokémon, ranked

Pokémon has always been a fan-favorite anime for kids and adults alike. Some of the fan devotion has to do with the console games and trading card game, but some people love the plot and storylines. With Pokémon’s longevity and so many new characters being introduced, it can get a little overwhelming.

But that’s part of the excitement of being a Pokémon fan! Especially when it’s time for a new game or season of the show and new Legendary Pokémon are released. All together now there are 59 Legendary Pokémon and 22 Mythical Pokémon. While there are many to choose from, we’ve narrowed it down to the top ten Legendary Pokémon!

10. Spectrier

Spectrier, a Ghost type, was introduced in the Sword and Shield Expansion Pass, The Crown Tundra. While Spectrier is an interesting Pokémon with intricate moves and stats, it’s purely on here for design purposes. Look at it! There’s so many nuances to its design such as the hovering legs above the hooves. It really looks like a horse that’s returned from death, and the design was too good to not make it into the top ten Legendaries.

9. Galarian Moltres

The Galarian form of one of the Legendary birds is Moltres. We were first introduced to Moltres in Kanto as part of the Legendary birds trio, however in the Sword and Shield expansion pass, we meet Galarian forms of all three birds. With redesigns for all three, Galarian Moltres really stepped up. It’s not so different that it looks like an entirely separate Pokémon, but it has just enough new moves and differences to land it a spot on this list.

8. Latias

Latias is a Pokémon that is usually seen with its duo partner, Latios. The two are female and male counterparts, known as the Eon duo. First introduced in the Hoenn region, it does have its own movie, Pokémon: Heroes. Latias is on the list because of its mega evolution design as well as its part played in the movie and games.

In Alpha Sapphire, Latias is how you fly around the game map, which is a cool and unique departure from games before it. In Pokémon: Heroes Latias has a crush on Ash which is apparent throughout the movie. When Pokémon are shown with personality it makes them all the more memorable!

7. Lunala

One of the two main legendaries in the Alola region is Lunala. Representing the moon, Lunala’s design is incredible, making it look like a bat to plain eyes. When it uses its signature attack, Moongeist Beam, it brings its body into a full circle, lighting up like the full moon behind it.

Having Lunala and Solgaleo (its sun counterpart) evolve from lower forms was something we haven’t seen before, which is refreshing in a way. Seeing Pokémon continue to switch things up, even with Legendaries, is always fun.

6. Lugia

Lugia has been the star of both its own movie as well as a few episodes in the Pokémon anime. A Psychic and Flying type, Lugia’s design is incredible, except for the fact you’d expect it to be a Water type considering it lives in the water. In the anime, there’s a flock of Lugia and a baby one, Silver, that Ash and his companions meet and eventually save from Team Rocket.

Where Lugia really shines though, is in Pokémon 2000: The Movie, where it’s revealed to be the main Pokémon that the evil collector is after. Lugia is also available in the mobile game, Pokemon Go, and is used in many players’ teams in both mobile and console games!

5. Cosmog

The pre-evolved form of Lunala and Solgaleo is none other than Cosmog, or as anime and console players know it, Nebby. In both the anime and Alolan games, Cosmog is given the nickname Nebby by a character named Lillie who has a fear of Pokémon.

Eventually it’s learned that Cosmog evolves into Cosmoem and then into Solgaleo or Lunala (depending on the game you have). It’s so cute and definitely gives off the space and unknown vibe that the Alolan region was going for.

4. Xerneas

Originally from the X and Y games, Xerneas is supposed to represent life as a legendary Pokémon. It can be found in Pokemon X, the new version of Pokémon Snap as well as Pokémon Go.

Since it represents life, its design as a dear with these beautiful antlers makes perfect sense. Not only does it just seam so peaceful and at ease, but it looks powerful and regal, which is what you’d expect from a Pokémon that represents life.

3. Ho-Oh

Of course the original Legendary had to be included here. Without Ho-Oh, there wouldn’t be the Pokémon that we know today. Ho-Oh was the first legendary Pokémon Ash ever encountered on his journey, and seeing it fly through the sky inspired him.

As the mascot for Pokémon Gold and its remake, Heart Gold, Ho-Oh is the end all legendary that players can catch. Players of Pokémon Go can also catch it in their game. Ho-Oh, like most older generation Legendaries, are available in most Pokémon games now.

2. Dialga

Pokémon: Diamond and Pokémon: Pearl produced some of the best Pokémon all around. The Sinnoh region’s regular, Mythical and Legendary Pokémon were all designed brilliantly! It was hard to choose since Sinnoh did have so many Legendaries, but from the games to the movies, Dialga, the time Pokémon, really stood out.

Unlike other generations, the fourth generation of Pokémon released movies that connected to each other. Dialga recognizes Ash and his companions throughout each movie and even helps them in the last one, Arceus and the Jewel of Life.

1. Mewtwo

While the choice to have Mewtwo as number one could be considered basic, if you really think about its origins and storylines within the anime and movies, it easily deserves this spot. The story of Mewtwo coming from greedy scientists and destroying the laboratory alone made for a great plot, but the rest of the first movie made it even more incredible. It was an insane start to the Pokémon films, and Mewtwo was a great choice to lead it.

Coming from a Mew fossil, Mewtwo is a Psychic type Pokémon who, in the anime, has a distaste for humans. Along with others on this list, you can find Mewtwo in games such as Pokémon Go, Pokémon: Let’s Go Eevee! and Let’s Go Pikachu!

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