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The best ‘Spy x Family’ gifts for fans of the anime and manga

Mission: Find the perfect gift.

Loid, Yor, and Anya Forger from Spy x Family
Image via Wit Studio/CloverWorks

Spy x Family‘s anime adaptation premiered in April and it quickly became a hit. The manga already had a pretty good following, but with the anime throwing the series into the spotlight, its popularity skyrocketed, gathering more fans with each passing week. Being one of the most beloved series out there, it’s no surprise that Spy x Family enthusiasts might want something to remember their favorite anime by.

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If you have a Spy x Family fan in your life and are searching high and low for the perfect item to gift them, look no further. Here we list the best gifts for fans of the series, at a variety of different prices.

Spy x Family iconic scenes Petitrama four-piece set

Spy x Family iconic scenes 4 piece set
Image via Crunchyroll Store

All anime and manga fans love figurines, which means they’re always a good bet when it comes to gift-giving. This Spy x Family four-piece set portrays some of the most iconic scenes from the anime, including its main characters, of course. In a single gift, the Spy x Family fans in your life can get their hands on Yor fighting bad guys, Anya running toward Loid, Damien protesting while his sidekicks watch on, and Anya being her generally cute self.

Each figure is approximately 2.5 inches tall, meaning they don’t take up too much space and are perfect for displaying on any shelf or desk. All four items have vibrant colors and are made from ABS and PVC plastic, making them resistant and relatively lightweight. The full set can be purchased via the Crunchyroll Store for $39.99.

Anya’s chimera lion plush

Anya's plush from Spy x Family
Image via Ezuwail Store

A good plushie is always ideal for a young fan to play with, but that doesn’t have to be its only purpose. As any Spy x Family fan knows, Anya is rarely seen at home without her favorite toy, thus, this plush is perfect for Anya cosplayers in need of a final touch to complete the look. Even if cosplaying really isn’t something the person you want to gift is into, this could still be a great present option. After all, who doesn’t love cute, squishy things?

The item is around 8 inches tall and made of PP cotton. This not only guarantees softness to the touch but also better durability than regular cotton, as it is a stronger fabric. The colors are on point when compared to Anya’s plush in the anime, and the attention to detail contributes to making it a pretty good replica. Mr. Chimera is sure to be a perfect addition to any Spy x Family collection.

Yor Forger’s earrings

Yor's earrings from Spy x Family
Images via Crunchyroll/Evere Store

If the one you’re shopping for likes accessories, a pair of earrings might be the ideal gift for them. Luckily, you can find Spy x Family-themed earrings available all over the internet, since Yor herself wears them. This character is never seen without her golden dangle earrings, which resemble the blades she uses as an assassin. They are a nod to Yor’s true identity, thus very symbolic to anyone who favors the character. Additionally, the iconic earrings are a must for anyone who enjoys cosplaying Yor.

These earrings in particular are approximately 3.35 inches long and weigh about 0.4 ounces. This set also comes with a pair of ear clips so anyone can wear them, even without their ears pierced. You can find replicas of Yor’s earrings at a variety of prices.

Spy x Family Figuarts mini

Spy x Family Figuarts mini
Images via Crunchyroll Store

The Forgers are undoubtedly fan-favorite characters among the Spy x Family fandom. Mix that with chibi designs are you have a guaranteed banger of a gift. With that in mind, any of these three mini figurines will be a good choice.

Anya and Yor’s figures have two sets of arms, allowing their owner to choose how to best display them. In Yor’s first set, she is holding her weapons, ready for combat, while Anya’s portrays the child clenching her fists in excitement. The second set option is simpler in both cases, with the arms straight and hands open. As for Loid, only the right arm can be switched between holding a gun or having it down by his side.

Loid and Yor’s figures are approximately 3.5 inches tall, while Anya’s is slightly shorter, being around 3.1 inches tall. The figures’ sizes combined with their adorable designs add a small touch of cuteness to any shelf.

Spy x Family hoodie

Spy x Family hoodies
Images via L Dropshipping Store

Decorative gifts are great, but not the most useful. If you’d rather present that Spy x Family fan with something they can get some use out of, maybe a clothing item is the way to go. These hoodies are currently available on AliExpress for $4.99 and there are two designs available. One features Anya and her many facial expressions throughout the manga, while the other includes the three main characters’ eyes, looking suspiciously to the side.

Both versions are available in black, white, yellow, orange, blue, red, green, gray, pink, and beige. All hoodies are available in a wide array of sizes, from S to 3XL, and a sizing chart is displayed on the page so there’s no way you can go wrong.

Spy x Family poster art throw blanket

Spy x Family throw blanket
Image via Crunchyroll Store

During the colder season, nothing makes for a better gift than something cozy. For fans of the spy series, this throw blanket could be the perfect way to warm up their lives. The blanket is 46 x 60 inches in size, ideal to throw over a lap while resting on the couch or to carry around the house over your shoulders, protected from the cold.

The item displays Spy x Family‘s most popular poster image, featuring the three main characters showcasing their secret identities. While Anya is in her prestigious school uniform, Yor wears her iconic assassin look with weapons at the ready, and Loid runs with a gun in hand. This product is officially licensed, and you can get it via the Crunchyroll Store for $39.95.

Spy x Family supply case

Spy x Family supply case
Image via COOLOST Dropshipping Store

For young viewers who are still in school, this product can be used as a pencil case, while older fans can use it as a makeup case. You simply can’t go wrong with a functional, multi-purpose gift. Whatever use its owner gives it, surely having a handy supply of cases adorned with their favorite characters will bring them some joy. The product is approximately 3.93×1.96×7.87 inches, made of polyester, and weighs about 5.64 ounces. It is available in 30 different designs and currently costs $4.74 on Ali Express.

Any of these picks will make the day of a Spy x Family fan, so there’s no way to go wrong. The tough part is choosing your favorite.