Watch: Netflix announces it will stream crowdfunded anime ‘Child of Kamiari Month’ next year


Netflix is further expanding its catalog of original anime films by bringing Child of Kamiari Month to streaming next year. Kazuya Sakamoto’s Child of Kamiari Month released in Japanese theaters on Oct. 8. The film received an English sub.

Many of Netflix’s anime film feature crews with less familiar names. Child of Kamiari Month is Sakamoto’s first film as director. He’s been an episode director on many productions at Liden Films and previously directed She and Her Cat: Everything Flows, a four-episode TV adaptation of that black and white Makoto Shinkai short film about a depressed woman’s talking cat.

Liden Films has many less obscure titles too They’re the studio behind recent and forthcoming hits Tokyo Revengers, Otherside Picnic, and Tribe Nine.

Child of Kamiari Month made a name for itself ahead of its release as a crowdfunded anime. Originally aiming for a 2020 release, Japanese distributor Cretica Universal held a series of three successful crowdfunding campaigns beginning in 2019 that funded the production of the film.

The film plays with local Japanese myths about the gathering of the land’s many gods at Izumo Shrine during October. The protagonist Kanna, a young girl who lost her love of running after the death of her mother, travels to the city after meeting spirits that knew her mom and crosses the boundary between man and deity.

On Twitter, Netflix Anime shared an English poster for the film.

Child of Kamiari Month premiers on Netflix on Feb. 8.