Sam Tuchin

Sam is an author for several online entertainment magazine. He is a published author, and has been writing for ten years. His primary focus is the videogame industry. He is currently a second-year college student studying Communications Media with a focus on videogame design, and a minor in Criminology. Sam also self-identifies as an online comedian. You can follow Sam on Twitter at @saint_chum (Warning: NSFW) or email him at [email protected] Sam originally developed his passion for writing in high school as a poet, self-publishing several collections of his work during college. In November 2012, he got a position as an author on the entertainment news website What Culture, reaching over 100,000 views on his 7 articles published in less than a month and publicity from several social media outlets. In December of 2012, Sam was picked up by We Got This Covered as well and began publishing movie-, music- and video game-based news. Slowly becoming more and more of an internet-addicted recluse, Sam has begun hiding in his dorm room churning out articles - occasionally showing affection to his girlfriend - and listening to a strange collection of music.

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