Lionsgate Bringing The Collection To Blu-Ray In March

Lionsgate has announced the Blu-Ray release of Marcus Dunstan’s The Collection. The film stars Josh Stewart and Emma Fitzpatrick.

I absolutely love R-rated American horror films. They’re beginning to be few and far between, but whenever one releases theatrically and nationwide I’m usually one of the first in line to support it. This went for Marcus Dunstan’s The Collector and the same goes for his sequel The Collection.

I’ve supported Dunstan and Patrick Melton’s Saw-meets-slasher films since the very beginning and it frustrates me knowing that these things make little money, even on their already-tiny budgets. Why America is rejecting these films in favor of another Paranormal Activity is a question that I can’t answer.

They’ve loaded these films with practical blood and gore to satisfy any horror fan and yet they keep getting denied their moment in the sun. The Collector was an effectively-made low-budget horror movie that took a creative spin on the Saw mentality and The Collection is a house-of-horrors blood-bath that is over-the-top and yet still a strong piece of horror.

Both films deserve to be watched and talked about, so that we can get another chapter in what could be the new Saw franchise. I’d love to see it, but I highly doubt it will ever happen.

I’m not the only one that digs these films. Our very own Matt Donato is a supporter too! He said some good things about The Collection in his review:

The Collection is one of those horror films that really makes you sound like a deranged psychopath for recommending, but demands to be spread like a mind-controlling plague.

Lionsgate will be handling the Blu-Ray release of the film and they’ve detailed the following bonus material:

  • Audio commentary with Director/Co-Writer Marcus Dunstan and Co-Writer Patrick Melton
  • Five Behind-the-Scenes mini-featurettes
  • Alternate/deleted scenes
  • Theatrical trailer

The Collection will be available to own on March 26th, 2013.