10 of Mark Hamill’s greatest tweets

Photo by Rich Fury via Getty Images

Let’s be real: Mark Hamill is iconic, and not only because of Star Wars. Since his time playing the Jedi Luke Skywalker, Hamill has gone on to do some voice acting work and made cameos both as either Skywalker or himself. But outside of acting, Hamill has been active on social media, most notably on Twitter.

Mark Hamill made his Twitter account in May 2011, and currently has more than 5 million followers. Aside from tweeting commentary that’s both comedic and entertaining, the actor also likes to discuss politics on his platform. His most memorable tweets are definitely the funny ones, however.

Here are 10 of Mark Hamill’s greatest tweets.

10. This collab with Wil Wheaton and The Big Bang Theory

Both Hamill and Star Trek’s Wil Wheaton made an appearance in The Big Bang Theory. In preparation for the episode, The Big Bang Theory posted a video where the two interacted, with Wheaton asking Hamill for the date.

9. Meet the younger Mark Hamill

Luke Skywalker made an appearance in both The Mandalorian and The Book of Boba Fett series thanks to the wonders of CGI. In response, Hamill brought out a cut out of his younger self and placed it over him, commenting on how young he is.

8. This weird action figure

Mark Hamill likes to comment on weird Luke Skywalker action figures that he sees on social media, and this one is no different.

8. Proving his height

Speaking of action figures, lets not forget the time that Hamill tried to prove to the world how tall he is compared to a Stormtrooper using two Star Wars action figures.

7. He’s not dead

Hamill likes to joke around on Twitter, however there was one in particular where it ended up backfiring. The Star Wars star had to reassure fans that he was still alive and that he hadn’t passed away.

6. The time when he was a sports fan

Thanks to a small miscommunication on social media, Mark Hamill accidentally became a fan of a sports team he had never heard off.

5. His response to fans

In addition to trolling and making jokes, Hamill also takes the time to respond to fans. But unlike others who sometimes give them a decent answer, Hamill sometimes likes to get to the point, like this one.

4. Him visiting fans

While Hamill sometimes rejects requests and DMs on social media, he’s still keen on meeting his fans. Most notably, the young kids who enjoy his work but are stuck in hospital. Him making an appearance would definitely makes these children’s days!

3. The time Disney got his name wrong

Disney was either trolling or couldn’t get over the Hamilton fever as they wrote down ‘Hamilton’ on Hamill’s security pass, mistaking it for his last name.

2. The time Mark Hamill tweeted his own name

This tweet was in response towards a fan who is aware on Hamill’s influence on social media and pop culture in general. The tweet got over 600,000 likes and more than 32,000 retweets.

1. Mark Hamill’s annual “May the” tweets

“May the fourth” has become a popular date in the Star Wars fandom to the point it’s been dubbed by fans as Star Wars Day. From May 1 to 4, Hamill would greet his followers with happy “May the x”, leading up to the 4th of May.

Whenever you’ve got the time, feel free to visit Hamill’s Twitter. Who knows, maybe he may respond to you the next time you send him a friendly tweet.