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50 Cent tells ‘Today’ what’s to blame for Takeoff’s death

50 Cent discussed what he believes led to Takeoff's untimely death.

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50 Cent, who has been busy dissing Madonna on Instagram, suggested what’s really to blame for Takeoff‘s death.

Appearing on the Today show Thursday morning to promote his new documentary style show called Hip Hop Homicides, which looks at why so many young rap artists are murdered, 50 Cent was naturally asked about the recent murder of Takeoff who catapulted to fame a decade ago as one-third of Migos, the biggest selling rap group of the decade.

50, whose government-ID name is Curtis Jackson, said that despite Takeoff’s cool and calm reputation, “You don’t cut the umbilical cord to the environment and you kind of keep the street energy around. Those people are around still.”

Takeoff was shot on Nov. 1, officially by a stray bullet, but two people are alleged to have fired guns after a dice game that his uncle was participating in at 2:30 in the morning in Houston. It’s unclear if 50 was blaming Takeoff’s uncle Quavo, considering one can easily argue that dice games at 2:30am never result in anything good. However, Jackson added, “When I was growing up, I didn’t have a lot of things. I didn’t see so many people have those things. With social media, you’re constantly reminded of the things you don’t have.”

Although Jackson seems to suggest that others were after Takeoff’s material things, its worth pointing out that Takeoff’s death was not the result of a robbery.

Jackson continued to blame the lifestyle, however, saying, “That’s why they get involved with gang culture and why they participate in those behaviors Just wanting nicer things, better things, and creating a relationship somewhere that could generate that.”

Although Jackson is pinpointing a generic problem in the rap world, especially in relation to the murders of some of the artists that his show will be focusing on, not all said issues are relative to Takeoff’s untimely passing.

There will be a memorial performance on Friday celebrating Takeoff’s life, in Houston’s State Farm Arena. Justin Bieber and Alicia Keys are scheduled to perform.

In 2000, Jackson was shot nine times but survived. His investigate series airs on Thursdays on WEtv and streams every Monday on AMC’s ALLBLK.

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