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A Taylor Swift and Bruce Springsteen collab just might happen

Why can't you see? You belong with the E Street band.

Bruce Springsteen and Taylor Swift
Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for Bob Woodruff Foundation and Terry Wyatt/Getty Images

Bruce Springsteen began his 3-night stay on the Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon by being the main guest of the show on Monday night and addressing whispers about a Taylor Swift collaboration.

The rumors of a possible guest appearance by Taylor Swift on Bruce Springsteen’s upcoming tour, or a guest appearance by the Boss on Swift’s tour (though Swift is presently the boss of the billboard charts), began circulating partly due to the friendship that both have with singer-songwriter Jack Antonoff. You’ll often see Antonoff on Swift’s social media, being both her trusted friend and work companion who co-wrote 11 of the songs on Midnights.

Antonoff also collaborated with Bruce Springsteen last year after penning the track Chinatown and asking Bruce to perform on it.

Jimmy Fallon mentioned to Bruce last night, “In 2023 you’re gonna be on tour. Taylor Swift is also going to be on tour. You’re both friends with Jack Antonoff. There’s a theory that maybe the two of you will pop into each other’s shows from time to time.”

Springsteen, unfortunately, did not confirm the rumor but, always the open-minded musician, he did in fact give his approval on the idea. He first told Fallon, “I will be – because my daughter is gonna make sure – I will be at the Taylor Swift show.”

This earned applause from the crowd who grew in further excitement when Springsteen added, “She’s welcome on E Street anytime.”

Referring to his E Street Band, Bruce has now sent out the invite to Taylor and opened the door to the possibility of the rumor becoming a reality. The best scenario is they each make a guest appearance on the other’s tour, maybe even write a mashup song called, “Born in…1989,” or maybe another song called, “I’m On Fire – Shake It Off.”

Either way, the Boss and the Anti-Hero would make a great collab and we’re all for it.

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