Anthony Hopkins is the latest celeb to launch NFT collection, proving no one is safe

anthony hopkins nfts
Credit: David Livingston/Getty Images

Following in the footsteps of fellow entertainers Kevin Hart, William Shatner and Logan Paul, revered Academy Award winning actor Sir Anthony Hopkins has decided to dip his toe into the pool that is NFTs.

The Silence of the Lambs star partnered with Web3 studio startup Orange Comet for his personal collection of NFTs called appropriately the Eternal Collection, according to a press release. Hopkins shared the news in an online press conference.

“NFTs are a blank canvas to create art in a new format… the metaverse offers an incredible opportunity to connect with an audience in an entirely different way… I’m probably the oldest guy in the NFT community and on social media, which proves all is possible at any age.”

The NFTs will feature different character archetypes played by Hopkins over the years, including Hannibal Lecter from the aforementioned Silence of the Lambs and Odin from the Thor movies. Dave Broome, the CEO of Orange Comet, said the NFTs will come out in the middle of September on OpenSea – the most popular NFT marketplace.

There’s even a release plan for the NFTs in three phases. The first phase is called the “Iconic Category,” which will feature all character archetypes and the winning bidder will get all of those plus framed prints of the NFT art signed by Hopkins and “intimate” lunch with the actor.

Next is the “Legendary Category,” which comes with 10 animated NFTs and a chat with Hopkins over Discord. Finally, the “Distinguished Category,” features 1,000 unique images based on the 10 archetypes and the chance to randomly win an autographed book and a chat with the actor.

In addition to being an actor, Hopkins is an avid painter and occasionally shares his artwork in exhibitions. The NFT idea came to light when the company that manages Hopkins art, Margam Fine Art, looked into turning his artwork into NFTs.

“This relationship is a superb symbiosis of technology and art from one of the finest actors and artists of our day,” Broome said.

Whether or not NFTs are a sound investment or even real art just depends on what day it is and who you ask. Some say they’re a waste of money and others scream from the rooftops that NFTs are the future. Those interested in eventually procuring the NFTs can sign up at There’s also a trailer about the project available. Check it out below.