Are BTS’ V and BLACKPINK’s Jennie dating?

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The two biggest K-pop groups have collided in the biggest way… again. 

Although BTS has taken a temporary hiatus, the boy band is still arguably the biggest K-pop group in the world right now, as are its members. BTS’ songs have dominated charts all over the world, not to mention record-breaking appearances on unprecedented stages like the Grammy Awards and singles that have plowed over their American competitors. The level of stardom they have seen since publicly forming in 2013 is, in many ways, similar to that of The Beatles. 

BLACKPINK, the all-girl K-pop group, entered the scene three years after BTS and has since torn through the mainstream media like a hailstorm, landing big hits like “Kill This Love” and “How You Like That” and even scoring a featured song, “Sour Candy,” on Lady Gaga’s album Chromatica, not to mention tallying multi-billion views on YouTube. 

Both K-Pop groups have their own sets of fans and two very distinct sounds, but back in May 2022 BTS’ fandom (the A.R.M.Y.) and BLACKPINK’s fandom (BLINK) have found themselves intertwined on the internet as dating rumors between BTS’ V and BLACKPINK’s Jennie surfaced online. Now, it’s happened again.

Are V and Jennie officially dating?

In May 2022 dating rumors surfaced online when South Korean Instagram account @dailyfashion_news posted alleged photos on their story of V and Jennie in the same car while supposedly vacationing together in Jeju Island of South Korea. The legitimacy of the photos have were not confirmed and fans from both fandoms hypothesized that V and Jennie were photoshopped into the picture. 

As recently as 2021, Jennie was linked with singer G-Dragon from K-pop group BIGBANG. Their relationship was never made official nor confirmed by either party, but the pair had been photographed together numerous times both by themselves and the paparazzi and have also appeared on each others’ Instagrams from time to time. 

However, breakup rumors between Jennie and G-Dragon cropped up after photos of her and V emerged. When asked to comment on Jennie’s involvement with BTS’ V, Jennie’s agency YG Entertainment said, “We have nothing to say. We will inform you if we have a different response to share.”

The same Instagram account that released the photos took to its story to issue an apology for the photos they now believe to be photoshopped. Twitter user @Miss_Arisha_thv captured the screenshot from @dailyfashion_news’ Story.

But are they, like, dating dating?

In Aug. 2022 another photo of V and Jennie emerged online, sparking vehement dating rumors once again.

In the photo, V can be seen sitting in a dressing room chair getting his hair done and Jennie leaning against a wall behind him snapping the photo. The supposed “leak” came courtesy of Twitter account @gurumiharibo, who posted a follow-up photo of Jennie and V taking a selfie together in a hallway mirror.

The two photos sparked an immediate response from the both fandoms, causing V and Jennie to go viral once again on Twitter. However, just as quickly as they went viral, so did accusations of fabrication. Twitter account @Neon86342259 accused the owner of the original photos, @gurumiharibo of photoshopping the images, and shortly thereafter, @gurumiharibo’s Twitter account got suspended.

Neither Jennie nor V have corroborated or commented on the two images, and neither have their music agencies. As of now, it is believed the photos were fake.

Of course, that hasn’t stopped avid admirers of the two singers from remembering the incident in 2021 when V accidentally followed Jennie on Instagram and then retracted the follow. That, combined with these dating rumors, has proven too much for fans to overlook and have led to many sleepless nights wondering whether they’re having the wool pulled over their eyes.

As it stands, BTS’ V and BLACKPINK’s Jennie are not dating or in a relationship, but we’ll update you if and when new information becomes available.

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