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Ariana Grande’s rumored separation is drawing comparisons to another 2023 pop star breakup

We wish these pop queens all the happiness in the future.

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The current year hasn’t been particularly great for celebrity relationships. The latest rumors indicate that Ariana Grande might be separating from her husband – luxury real estate agent Dalton Gomez – whom she married in 2021, and the reported reasons for the split are sounding a little too familiar to fans.

According to TMZ, Gomez had trouble dealing with Grande’s level of celebrity and the constant presence of security around the couple. The two met during the pandemic, but once the singer’s schedule went back to its hectic normalcy – including a several-month shoot for Wicked in the UK – the disconnect became too great. While this is all rumored, the same was said about the surprising end to another pop diva relationship.

Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn broke up in April for similar reasons. According to a source that spoke to People, the Stars at Noon actor “struggled with Taylor’s level of fame and the attention from the public.” While they were both in showbiz, unlike Grande and Gomez, the six-year relationship was one of Swift’s most private, and they were barely ever seen together in public (especially not during music or film industry-related events).

Given the similar status of Swift and Grande as two of the biggest pop stars on the planet and the relatively low profile of their significant others, fans couldn’t help but compare the two situations. Should Alwyn and Gomez really date women who can sell out stadiums in any corner of the world if they’re not comfortable with media attention?

Making light of a sad situation, some fans are hoping the whole thing could result in a collaboration. Swift released the devastating break-up song “You’re Losing Me” in May as a CD-exclusive track from her album Midnights.

Neither Grande, Gomez, Swift, nor Alwyn have spoken about their respective splits, alleged or otherwise.

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