DCU doomsayers predict James Gunn being extremely online could one day derail the franchise

James Gunn attends the Marvel Cinematic Universe press line during 2022 Comic Con International: San Diego
Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

A harsh reality of movie-making is that you can’t please everyone, and (more importantly) if you try to please everyone, you end up pleasing no one at all. Such is the way of show business. In a world where that fact seems to be growing more and more contentious, director James Gunn thankfully understands how an entertainment company should be run these days.

Heading up DC Studios with producer Peter Safran, Gunn announced earlier this year his plan for an entirely new slate of DC movies. In an internet-breaking Twitter post, Gunn discussed the future of the franchise and projects on the horizon — with an overwhelmingly positive fan response.

That still hasn’t stopped some DCU mainstays on Reddit from wondering whether or not Gunn’s online presence may be a little too large for their liking, and we’re not sure if we agree.

First of all, the news that James Gunn is now directing Superman: Legacy shouldn’t be much of a shocker. He wrote the darn thing, it makes perfect sense he might want to direct it, too. Not to mention the fact that his heartfelt explanation for wanting to direct it in the first place is on Twitter for the entire world to see — no harm, no foul.

Injecting Ben Affleck into the mix as a potential The Brave and The Bold director was always more fiction than fact, and at some point, we all have to understand that rumors have a tendency to run wild in the entertainment space. It’s part of the gig.

At face value, having the big boss always online might be a little disconcerting. He’s supposed to be crafting a beautiful feature for the DC Universe, not doom-scrolling on social media. The only problem with that level of criticism is that James Gunn has always been an active Twitter user, and his movies have turned out pretty darn good in spite of it. Right?

Can’t we just let James Gunn simply be, well, James Gunn?

We’ll admit that being too active anywhere could become a distraction. Sure, fan interaction is important, but when it comes to staying creative, sometimes the only thing left to do is put the phone down.

In the end, a lot of this does have to be taken with a grain of salt. Announcements could be made tomorrow that make this article absolutely useless, and if that’s the case, everything changes. James Gunn Tweets it; we write it, you read it. Now, go forth, and discover as much DC-related news as your little heart desires.