Everyone makes the same joke after the Emmys seek out Chris Rock for hosting gig

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The Emmys have asked Chris Rock and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson to host this year’s ceremony, and the internet is, well, puzzled, to say the least.

Rock’s confrontation with Will Smith at the Oscars has apparently put him at the top of Hollywood’s most in-demand comics. However, Deadline reports neither Rock nor “The Rock” are intending to accept the offer.

The announcement alone was enough to spark up some predictable jabs toward the comedian at the heart of one of 2022’s most shocking celebrity moments. One user tweeted out what everyone was thinking. Were Rock to accept the Television Academy’s offer, then the “obligatory “Chris Rock needs a bodyguard” joke” would be on repeat “a million times between now and the end of the next Emmys.”

Some believe the ceremony would just be one Will Smith joke after the other, with the Madagascar actor hosting.

It’s clear the internet will take its sweet time letting go of the Oscars incident, so it’s no wonder Rock isn’t eager to go back on an award show’s stage any time soon. The flood of “he’s afraid to get hit again” jokes was expected, with some pointing out that Johnson, on the other hand, is the one celebrity who would never get punched for telling a joke. One netizen cleverly called Rock and Johnson’s rejection “a slap in the face.” Ba dum tss.


Much funnier jokes were those users made over the one natural element the two coveted actors share in their titles. One person thinks the Emmys should try Kid Rock next, while another couldn’t help but remix the two Rocks’ names.

It’s a shame there’s so much unfunny drama attached to Chris Rock because all these rock jokes would actually have made the 2022 Emmys entertaining.

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