Film buffs laugh and cry at comedy actors nailing dramatic roles

Jim Carrey The Truman Show
Image via Paramount Pictures

We might know actors for that one iconic role. Sometimes, however, those talented people branch out into other projects that are the complete opposite of what they’re usually known for. Over on Reddit, fans decided to appreciate iconic serious and dramatic roles done by actors primarily known for their comedy.

Reddit user u/EzraMusic98 shared on r/Reddit that they appreciated Bill Murray in Lost In Translation. They described his role in the film as “perfect” and added that his chemistry with Scarlett Johansson was sizzling. OP also mentioned that he nearly forgot that Murray was a comedian after watching the film and asked about other dramatic films starring comedy actors.

It turns out that plenty of comedy actors have taken up serious roles and were really good at it. A majority of fans recommended OP watch Jim Carrey‘s work in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and The Truman Show, just to name a few. One fan pointed out that The Truman Show still utilized his strengths as a comedian, yet it managed to be taken seriously by fans and wasn’t seen as another funny movie.

Despite what you think about Adam Sandler, fans agreed that his serious roles are worth a watch. Some of them agreed that Sandler in dramatic films is “the most unexpected thing” but that he excels in them. Some films they recommended were Uncut GemsReign Over Me, and Click.

Another comedic actor worth mentioning is Ben Stiller. Before he directed and was praised for his work in the Apple TV series, Severance, he starred in a few films such as The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. But fans appreciated him for his work as a director more than the films, especially since he started to take on serious projects.

While well-known comedians made us laugh over the years, the mood immediately changes when we see them take on serious roles. This just proves that we don’t need to trap actors in a box just because they’re known for one particular thing. Let them branch out and show us how far their talent could go.