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Florence Pugh heaps effusive praise on people who have nothing to do with ‘Don’t Worry Darling’

Florence Pugh went on a thanking tour on Instagram.

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Just when you thought we’d squeezed all the juice out of the lemon that is the Don’t Worry Darling drama, star Florence Pugh finds there’s still a few squirts left.

The actress took to Instagram to reflect on the whirlwind night that was the premiere with three separate posts. Conspicuously absent in the long list of people she thanked? Everyone that had anything to do with the movie itself.

In the first post, Pugh called her Venice experience “unbelievably special.” She thanked Valentino and its creative director Pier Piccioli for creating dresses, one of which she wore to the premiere, that “always strike me how powerful they make you feel.”

“My fleeting night in Venice needed something unbelievably special. These moments in my life are important, they represent a time, a place, a feeling. Being invited to Venice Film Festival is an honour and includes a glamorous carpet begging to be used for extravagance. I feel very grateful for my moment in this @maisonvalentino gown.
I’ve been lucky enough to wear a few @pppiccioli dresses now, it always strikes me how powerful they make you feel. I felt strong. Proud. Sexy. Glamorous…free. Thank you for all of those who helped make it, worked on it, sewed every last sequin into their perfect pretty positions. I give you a round of applause.”

Surely she would have a follow up post that thanked everyone who helped make the movie, right? Well, that’s half right.

In her second post, Pugh thanked Tiffany and Co. for her jewelry. saying it tied her look “effortlessly together.”

“And now for my @tiffanyandco sparkles.. Simple yet perfect. Thank you once again for allowing me to wear your timeless jewellery- always tying the look effortlessly together. I always feel proud wearing the contents of your Tiffany blue boxes.”

Alright, well, the dress and the jewelry are out of the way, so surely she’ll thank — nope, that didn’t happen. Her third (!) post was all about the makeup. She thanked Valentino Beauty and her stylist and makeup artist, saying they truly understand her and that she’s incredibly grateful for the assistance.

“The tools (and hands) that made it all happen.. all things colourful and beautiful from @valentino.beauty. Thank you @babskymakeup and @peterluxhair for everything. Always. Acing every look for every occasion. I am so honoured to have you making art with me. You are true artists.
I must also note that my lovely colour is due to @colorbymattrez- who is nothing short of a genius.
And to @rebeccacorbinmurray who understands me and my need for expression like no one else- I am constantly grateful for our collaboration and your vision.”

While this doesn’t mean she was doing anything intentional — and we all know what happens when we jump to conclusions with these things — it sure does seem like it would be pretty easy to thank people actually involved with the movie itself, and not just in making Pugh look incredible for the premiere.

Don’t Worry Darling premieres in theaters on Sept. 23.

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