Has the YouTuber Corpse Husband ever revealed his face?

Corpse Husband
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It’s not an uncommon thing for online creators to conceal their faces.

The rise of VTubers and similar workarounds even allows YouTubers and streamers to attach a “human” element to their uploads, all while maintaining their anonymity. YouTuber Corpse Husband has taken a similar route, choosing to rely on a series of half-masked avatars. These avatars, all of which sport short dark hair and a variety of face masks, have become a symbol for the faceless creator, one that fans instantly recognize.

Has Corpse Husband revealed his face?

Corpse Husband has been a mainstay on YouTube for nearly seven years, filling his various channels with a range of uploads. Most of his content sees Corpse pitting his video game skills against other creators and friends, but he hasn’t restricted himself to purely streaming uploads. The creator also dabbles in music — using his unusually deep voice to his advantage — and tells scary stories, once again leaning on the uniquely ominous vibes he can stir up via his husky baritone.

Numerous rumors have cropped up over the years claiming that Corpse was finally prepped to reveal his true face. These rumors even rose to viral status in late 2021 after a leak supposedly revealed Corpse’s true face. The reaction to this supposed reveal was hugely polarizing after a number of users dragged the popular streamer for his “ugly” appearance despite their demands for an unveiling. The following days saw claims over Corpse’s supposed face come into question, after several different images — showing clearly different people — all claimed to be the real deal. Fans of Corpse also flamed naysayers, noting the “double standard” and dragging rude posters for their toxicity.

Once the viral rumor was debunked as fake, Corpse found himself back at square one. Following the deeply negative response to the fake photos, however, far fewer fans are pushing the streamer to do a face reveal in acknowledgement of the inevitable hate it will likely prompt. As such, the popular YouTuber has yet to reveal his face to his 7.61 million subscribers. He’s shown small aspects of himself, like his body and hands — and even a strand of hair — via several Instagram posts, but it seems that the creator is entirely content to keep his face a mystery.

Following the internet’s reaction to his fake face reveal, it’s no wonder why.

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