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Is Halle Berry finally divorced from Olivier Martinez? The legal proceedings, explained

The end of an 8 year saga.

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Ah, the celebrity divorce. It’s right up there with other legendary showbiz cliches, like drug addiction and a general disdain for the common man. Actress Halle Berry has been embroiled in one with husband Olivier Martinez for eight years. Eight years! Is it finally over?

TMZ is reporting that indeed it is. The couple recently came to an agreement about child custody, and as the primary breadwinner, Berry is going to have to pay up big time.

What’s even crazier is they were only married for two years. That means the divorce lasted three times as long as the marriage. Wild. They share a 9-year-old son named Maceo, and he seems to be at the center of why everything dragged along for so long.

The solution? They have joint physical and legal custody of their son. Maceo was also ordered to attend family counseling, but Berry’s new boyfriend, musician Van Hunt, isn’t allowed to attend.

We even have custody details. Berry gets Maceo from Monday to Wednesday, and Martinez gets him the rest of the week, with the former lovebirds alternating weekends.

Her child support nut is $8,000 a month and she also has to pay 4.3% of all her income over $2 million. Oh, but there’s more. She has to pay for his private school tuition and all of his extracurriculars, as well as his medical and dental insurance.

The couple have come a long way since they first met in 2010 on the set of Dark Tide in South Africa. They got engaged about two years later.

In Nov. of 2012, Martinez got into a fistfight with Berry’s ex-husband, Gabriel Aubry. Aubry definitely got the worst of it.

Regardless, something tells me we’re going to see Berry in some upcoming movies of questionable quality. Everybody’s gotta work!

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