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‘Is that a nude?’: Jennifer Lopez’s Father’s Day post for Ben Affleck results in plenty of head-scratching

Did we see what I think we just saw?

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As is usually the case during Father’s Day, it’s certainly not a rare sight to see a plethora of posts from celebrities either celebrating their own father or gushing about their partner being a dad. And while a variety of posts scattered across the internet were undoubtedly adorable, a Father’s Day post from Jennifer Lopez aimed at husband Ben Affleck seemed to result in much more head-scratching.

On both her official Instagram and Twitter accounts, the acclaimed singer shared a special “Daddy Appreciation Post” for Affleck, noting that the DC star is an incredible father to his three children with ex-wife Jennifer Garner. However, folks couldn’t help but focus on one interesting image that Lopez shared in the post — which convincingly appears as though it’s a cut-off nude of Affleck. At least, that’s what one user surely believed.

The inclusion of the first photo does seem oddly placed in a post about Affleck being a father, but for Lopez, there’s no denying that it was a moment to celebrate all of Affleck’s accomplishments and strengths — which seemingly includes the actor’s awe-inspiring physique. Though even in a shirtless photo, it’s still incredibly hard to get Affleck to crack a smile.

Of course, this is definitely not the first time the duo has been placed underneath the media microscope — with Affleck’s meme-worthy reaction at the Grammys back in February making plenty of headlines. Then again, perhaps Lopez’s next Father’s Day post for Affleck should come with an NSFW label.

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