James Gunn just wants to post cute dog videos but DC fans won’t stop hounding him

james gunn the suicide squad
via Warner Bros.

It ain’t easy being James Gunn. Not only do you have Marvel fans waiting eagerly for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, you have scores of DC fans hounding him for info on upcoming movies constantly. He can’t even tweet about a dog!

Earlier this year, Gunn introduced the world to Ozu the dog, who was “two hours away from being put down at a kill-shelter” before Gunn adopted him. It was a rare inside look at Gunn’s life, especially for someone who loves to tweet almost exclusively about his movies.

Earlier today Gunn posted an update of sorts of Ozu just being a dog and digging through snow, with the very appropriate caption “Ozu loves the snow.” That’s it. Nothing vitriolic or confrontational, but because this is the Internet no one could simply let it be.

A lot of people barely, if at all, acknowledged cute little Ozu.

“We all love the snow too boss,” one user said before pivoting entirely and asking whether we’ll see a Ben Affleck Joe Manganiello Batman vs. Deathstroke movie.

“With you [on] board anything is now possible,” they said. Others weren’t as subtle, choosing to ignore the dog entirely and ask whether Austin Butler should be Green Arrow.

Someone else said “So does Henry Cavill’s Superman. Must be a sign!” This seems to be a common theme for DC fans, that Gunn is dropping ‘signs.’ That, or it’s just a post about his dog. He’s a person, after all.

Here’s another one that shoves in an Ozu reference that’s about as subtle as an earthquake.

The pivots came fast, One woman said the dog was cute and then immediately asked whether Deathstroke would appear in the DCU. Another just said “cute” and then asked about Wonder Woman.

The fans aren’t too proud to beg, either. “Is Zack Snyder coming back to DC film? Please respond sir,” someone pleaded, while another didn’t even bother with a mention of Ozu and just asked when we’re going to see another Green Lantern movie.

It seems like the poor man can’t live without everyone harassing him, and someone pointed out exactly why:

One fan, however, seemed to kind of ask the right question.

To be fair, there are a lot of comments only about how cute the dog is in the snow. There are also a lot of posts comparing the dog to that Star Wars scene with Chewbacca on Hoth from The Empire Strikes Back.

While most fans were impulsive, one person said that people “fail to understand that creating a universe as big as this is not done overnight. … We only have to wait, help and support.”

Yes, and let the man be a human being for once.