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Jamie Lee Curtis attended daughter’s cosplay-themed wedding in her ‘World of Warcraft’ finest

The proud mother played Jaina Proudmoore.

Image via Gage Skidmore on Flickr

In today’s unexpected news, Jamie Lee Curtis was dressed as Warcraft character Jaina Proudmoore as she watched her daughter Ruby get married.

Ruby and her partner Kynthia tied the knot on Sunday at a cosplay-themed wedding, which reportedly took place in the backyard of Curtis’ home. Attendees, including the newlyweds and Curtis, dressed up as characters from movies, TV shows, video games, and more. In Curtis’ case, she cosplayed as the mighty sorceress from the Warcraft video game series.

According to a March interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Curtis actually officiated the wedding in the costume.

That wasn’t the first time Curtis donned Warcraft attire for an event. She dressed as an orc at the world premiere of the Warcraft movie in 2016.

Although you might infer from her multiple costumes that she’s a fan of the video game series, Curtis’ interview with Kimmel cast doubt on that inference:

“Ruby and Kynthia picked my costume. Her name is Jaina Proudmoore. It’s from—[to the audience] anybody here know what that is? It’s a game. I don’t know. She’s an admiral.”

Curtis ordered the costume on Etsy, but shipment was delayed because the seamstress was based in Russia and Curtis assumed that the war caused supply chain issues. We’re not sure if the costume she’s wearing in her Instagram photo is from the Russian seamstress or if she had to find a backup. Regardless, it looks pretty good.

You can see Curtis in a much different—and scarier—outfit in Halloween Ends when it debuts on Oct. 14.

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