John Cena hopes his latest ‘Elbow Grease’ children’s book will help save the planet

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John Cena has become something of a multi-hyphenate in recent years, pivoting his professional wrestling career into a wildly successful turn into acting. But one of Cena’s lesser-known endeavors is that he’s quietly been authoring a series of children’s books called Elbow Grease, about a family of monster trucks.

And his latest, Elbow Grease: Cleanup Crew, teaches kids why trash and litter are harmful to our environment.

Though the book was published back in February, Cena took the opportunity to tweet about it on Friday, coinciding with Earth Day.

“We all rely on each other as a human race,” Cena wrote. “So today, on Earth Day join the Elbow Grease: Cleanup Crew that teaches readers the importance of our place on Earth and how we can work together!”

From the book’s official description on the Penguin Random House website:

When Elbow Grease and his friends head to the beach for an Earth Day celebration, they discover the shore covered in litter. All that trash is so harmful to the plants, animals, and people who spend time at the beach!

It’s obvious that the area needs a good cleaning, and Elbow Grease is just the truck for the job. With the help of his monster truck family, their friends, and the community members who want to lend a helping hand, everyone helps make the beach more beautiful than ever—and they even feels inspired to extend the clean-up to the rest of the town!

Cena has said that he based the books on his own experiences growing up with four brothers.

“With Elbow Grease and the books to follow, I want to offer kids a fun and engaging way to learn about the power of ambition, dedication, and heart,” Cena said in a 2018 press release when the first in the series of books was published. “These concepts have been transformative in my life, from my childhood up to now, and it’s so important to me to pass the positivity on and help our youngest generation see that right mindset is key to achievement.”

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