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Kyle MacLachlan looks damn fine in silk robe poolside

Only Kyle MacLachlan can pull off a silk robe and sneakers

Kyle MacLachlan
Photo by Rob Kim/Getty Images

Wine isn’t the only thing that gets better as it ages. Legacy actor Kyle MacLachlan is getting into the summer spirit by lounging poolside in a luxurious silk robe.

The Twin Peaks and Desperate Housewives star took to Instagram to show his followers that it’s possible to relax in a pair of sneakers and a robe and somehow completely pull off the look. No man alive can pull his socks halfway up his calves and still retain the essence of a true baller the way MacLachlan can.

Also not to be missed is the random dolphin statue just hanging out in the background. Elegant!

“‘Tis the (season) for the #FirstDayofSummer! Cheers to warmer days, pool party fun, good reads, and a nice glass of rosé,” he wrote, along with emojis for water, books, and a glass of wine.

The topic of wine comes up a lot lately on his page, as the actor has his own vineyard called and wine called “Pursued by Bear.”

“Growing up in Yakima, I was connected to the earth from my earliest memories starting with my father’s ambitious gardens and gentle caretaking of gnarled fruit trees, lucky sentinels of the former orchard where our home stood,” the actor said about his wine passion on the wine’s website. “There are four seasons, each with its own sights and smells. Spring lilacs and cold winds off the mountains; blazing summer heat and the intoxicating hum of nature; an abundant fall harvest and the pungent smell of burning leaves; and winter, when an endless cold blue haze settled over the sleeping valley.”

He’s a great actor AND a poet? What can’t he do!

Jon Silman
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