Marjorie Taylor Greene incorrectly states that Democrats want a civil war, sounding a lot like someone who wants a civil war

Marjorie Taylor Greene
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U.S. Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene continues her quest to fan the flames of rising political tensions with yet another divisive tweet. In an outlandish defense of the recently indicted former president Donald Trump, Greene made unsubstantiated claims that Democrats have “weaponized” the U.S. government and are seeking to lure hapless conservatives to commit violent acts and arrest them.

Considering the fire-starting nature of Greene’s words, her tweet seems to be a study in projective identification, a psychological defense mechanism in which an individual assigns unacceptable thoughts, behavior, and actions to another. She recently called for the United States to be dissolved and divided according to political parties. She was quickly called out for her glaring hypocrisy.

Some questioned Greene’s willingness to vouch for Trump’s fluctuating virtue.

Another user expressed disgust at Greene’s flagrant insincerity and advocated for due process.

Another user went way back in the archives to ridicule Greene’s disingenuous tweet, posting a hilarious meme of Donald Trump as the golden calf idolized by the feeble-minded in the Book of Exodus.

Incredibly, some take Greene’s words seriously, and one of her devotees agreed with her proposal for a national divorce, expressing frustration with people who do not share their views.

Others were keen to remind Greene of her previous call to divide the country, and enthusiastically told her what she could do with her unhinged rhetoric.

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