Marjorie Taylor Greene must be woke now, because she wants to defund the FBI and Department of Justice

Marjorie Taylor Greene participating in a meeting of the House Oversight and Reform Committee
Kevin Dietsch/Getty Images

United States Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene isn’t biting her tongue regarding the FBI and Justice Department’s budget, coincidentally following their actions against former president Donald Trump. 

Trump, as we know, is currently being investigated for several reasons and may face prosecution. Politico reports that one of the particular issues includes the 76-year-old obtaining and keeping classified documents in his Florida residence even after the Department of Justice demanded that they be returned by issuing a subpoena. 

On March 17, Greene revealed in a Twitter post that she does not plan to cast her vote for a budget that finances what she considers a “two-tiered justice system.” The 48-year-old expressed that the reason behind her decision stemmed from the FBI and the Department of Justice only zeroing in on and persecuting individuals with conservative morals and supporting Trump per the Democratic Party’s control.

Further down in the post, Greene added that their actions appear biased, because the FBI and the Department of Justice fail to charge “the left for their crimes.”

While calling to defund both the FBI and the Department of Justice’s budget, she wrote, “I’ve made up my mind. I will NOT vote for a budget that funds the two tiered justice system in America. The Democrat controlled DOJ and FBI top brass are political and have weaponized their power against the right to persecute everyone with conservative values and aligned with Trump, but refuses to prosecute the left for their crimes. The Republican controlled budget must defund the two-tiered justice system and reign in the politically weaponized DOJ and FBI, or I will not vote for it.”

As Greene’s tweet circulated online, many voiced their opinions on the matter, and although some agreed with her remarks, others felt that she had ulterior motives, claiming that she should be removed from her duties as a Republican Representative of Georgia.

One said that Greene violated her “constitutional oath” by expressing her personal feelings regarding the budget and should be impeached for her comments.

Others echoed that sentiment, expressing that Greene was basically sharing classified information with the public.

Still more alleged that Greene’s tweet about defunding the FBI and the Department of Justice indicates that she feels the heat of Trump’s possible prosecution.

At this time, no additional information regarding the FBI and Department of Justice’s budget or Trump’s legal issues has been released to the general public. Greene, meanwhile, has had plenty to say about everything from gerrymandering and banking to why you should buy her monkeypox shirt.