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Meek Mill’s ‘God Did’ freestyle contains no mercy for Kanye West

Lyrical shots fired.

Rapper Meek Mill performs on the field prior to the start of Game Five of the 2022 World Series at Citizens Bank Park on November 03, 2022 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
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Rapper Meek Mill‘s latest mixtape contains a not-so-subtle jab at Kanye “Ye” West, saying the “Jesus Walks” rapper sold his soul.

Mill’s mixtape Flamerz 5 features some of the biggest songs from the year with the rapper putting his own spin on them. One of those songs is the track “God Did,” by DJ Khaled, featuring that incredible verse from Jay-Z. Mill’s version has the aforementioned lyrical jab at Ye.

Here are the lyrics in question:

“Make a hundred million dollars and still go get my friends after
And that don’t go for everybody, just the only ones that been back for me
I will never sell my soul for money, like I’m Kanye
It’s crazy I used to bring you on my cell house on lock day
Famous bitches got my idols lookin’ at me sideways
I don’t need no verses from you n***as, I did it my way”

There’s been a bit of back and forth between Mill and West, especially after Ye called out the rapper Boosie after Boosie criticized Ye’s “White Lives Matter” shirt, according to hotnewhiphop.

“I used to listen to ye every night and jail for motivation on god! And came home and watched him sh*t on my name and brand like nothing …. I ain’t say nothing … but I been knew you was on that nerd tryna sh*t on street N***as you just said it to boosie.”

When Ye appeared on his very famous episode of Drink Champs he referred to both Mill and Diddy as “feds.”

Ye brought up Mills and said “All you fake hard n***as, f*ck you… You can’t shoot nobody anyway and the only reason you talk is because you did a deal you f**king fed.” We’ll update this post if and when Ye responds to Mills. 

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