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Mel Gibson shares hilarious Sean Connery story involving a ‘Terminator’ producer, cattle ranching, and goulash

It's probably a normal situation in Hollywood circles, but not for us mere mortals.

Mel Gibson and Sean Connery may have never worked together, but the two were familiar with each other in passing, while the Braveheart star and director has admitted in the past that he tried to use cinema’s most famous Scotsman for inspiration when trying to nail down his accent as William Wallace, even though most people would agree he missed the mark pretty spectacularly.

During a recent event attended by We Got This Covered, Gibson shared a hilarious anecdote that’s every bit as random as you’d expect given the headline that reeled you in to begin with. The 66 year-old began his tale by sharing that he’d tried his hand at becoming a rancher and farmer during a brief hiatus from acting in the 1980s, but he’d never been able to shake the bug.

While having dinner with Connery at the home of the late Terminator franchise, Judge Dredd, and Die Hard with a Vengeance producer Andrew G. Vajna, the Lethal Weapon stalwart could barely contain his laughter when explaining Connery’s incredulity at the fact Gibson had no idea as to how many heads of cattle he specifically owned at the time.

Mimicking the original James Bond’s signature Burr, Gibson buckled under his own laughter when bellowing “what do you mean you don’t know how many heads of cattle on you own?”, before almost coming apart at the seams when describing Connery’s pronunciation of the dish when they were served a bread bowl full of goulash at the home of Hungarian-American Vajna.

It’s something that’s probably commonplace in Hollywood circles, but Sean Connery exasperatedly questioning Mel Gibson’s loose familiarity with his own livestock over a spiced stew contained within a hollowed-out slab of bread at the home of a top-level Hollywood producer is bizarre to us mere mortals.

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