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Michael Keaton secretly sends notes to actors he admires, but doesn’t want to be there when they read them

Out of all the weird secrets kept in Hollywood, at least our favorite 'Batman' has the nicest of all of them.


In a roundtable held by The Hollywood Reporter, six Hollywood leading men including Oscar Isaac, Samuel L. Jackson, Brian Cox, Tom Hiddleston, Quincy Isaiah, and Michael Keaton, convened to discuss the business and lifestyle of being a famous actor. And Michael Keaton proved that he’s a real-life Batman when it comes to being a good dude – he slips a compliment in like a master of the Keysi martial arts, and then disappears into the night.

The story began with Oscar Isaac, star of the Disney Plus MCU series Moon Knight, telling a sweet story of a fan interaction he appreciated while on a recent plane trip:

“On the plane here, I felt a little letter fall on my seat and then someone walked away. I looked at it and it was in this blue highlighter with the little moon on it for the Moon Knight show that I’d just done. It was like, ‘My mother would’ve disowned me if I didn’t say something, as a person of color, about how much it means to me that you’re out there doing these things.’ It was really sweet.”

After Jackson gave Isaac a little razzing over not being in a position to fly in a private jet, Keaton jumped in with his story:

“What a nice thing for somebody to lay that on you. Have you ever done that? If I see somebody I like, other actors, I’ll slide them [a note]. I’ll know a thing someone did and I’ll say, ‘Killed me. Unbelievable,’ and then I’ll just [vanish]. I don’t want to be around when they read it. I’ve done it a few times because people have done it [to me], and you feel so grateful. Also, I think you tell people, man. If you see somebody do something great, just tell them.”

So the next time you see Michael Keaton in public, don’t blink – or else you might find a complimentary note appearing in your pocket before you know he’s gone.

Liam McEneaney
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