Pedro Pascal names his finest moment on the set of ‘The Mandalorian’

Photo via Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic

With all the planets, moons, and sci-fi set-ups Mando finds himself fighting his way through — the actor responsible for our favorite foster dad, Pedro Pascal, must have a few that stand out, right?

As the type of tech Lucasfilm is using to bring these stories to life becomes more and more immersive, the worlds that they can bring to life are truly mind-melting. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Pascal sat down to discuss just that, and dished on some of his favorite locations from The Mandalorian.

“The first episode of season 2, when we meet this really amazing Blade Runner-esque urban environment,” says Pascal. “I can’t think of a time in Star Wars where you felt like you were in a real city.”

For those who don’t remember, this episode found Mando and Grogu on the road looking for more of their Mandalorian friends. They arrive on an industrial-ish planet, meet with a gangster named Gor Koresh, only to be betrayed. Shocker.

“We have this immaculate set that’s built and surrounded by the volume,” says Pascal, “which creates an infinite sort of visual experience as far as skies, planets, and landscapes are concerned, and space and ships and all kinds of things. But the practical set was the most immaculate, down to it being graffitied and decorated. Every inch of it was designed. So to step onto that set…”

With an entirely new season of The Mandalorian now streaming on Disney Plus, we’re sure the sets on display during this third installment of the show can only get crazier. Here’s hoping.