Samuel L. Jackson gets asked to record expletive-filled messages all the time

Samuel L. Jackson
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Actor Samuel L. Jackson — who is known as one of the most foul-mouthed actors in Hollywood — has revealed that when folks purposely request for him to call them curse words, he happily obliges.

While speaking with The Hollywood Reporter in a Drama Actor Roundtable, Jackson sat down with fellow actors Oscar Issac, Michael Keaton, Tom Hiddleston, Brian Cox, and Quincy Isaiah, where they were asked the sort of requests they receive from fans. In response, the Jackie Brown star revealed that fans constantly ask him to drop profanities — especially on their voicemails.

“People ask me to call them motherfucker all the time. Or they’ll ask me to put it on their answering machine. They’ll literally say, ‘Would you do my answering machine? ‘This motherfucker’s not home right now. And the motherfucker will call you back.’”

As a result, Cox mentioned to Jackson that he could charge folks for the requests, to which Jackson insisted that he didn’t want to “gouge” the public for money seeing as fans pay to see his movies. Keaton then added on to Cox’s comment by joking that Jackson could charge $50 per each expletive-filled message. In response, Jackson jokingly stated that seeing as he gets “paid to make movies,” he would have to charge for taking videos with folks.

“Yeah, exactly, they’d be like, ‘Huh?’ But the people who want to make videos [with me, I tell them], ‘I’ll take a photo with you, but I get paid to make movies. So, we’re not making videos.”

And not only does Jackson indulge in cursing for folks, but he even encourages it, seeing as the Marvel star was disappointed when he learned that he was third on the list of actors who hold the record for most curse words in a movie — with stars Jonah Hill and Leonardo DiCaprio ahead of Jackson.

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