Selena Gomez announces Mental Health Youth Action Forum at White House on May 18

(Photo by Amy Sussman/Getty Images for Deadline Hollywood )

Selena Gomez is heading to the White House on May 18th for an incredible event that will highlight mental health, and and focus on how young adults can work towards positive expressions of self-acceptance and healthy mental well-being.

Gomez Tweeted that she is “Excited to share that the White House, MTV, and Rare Beauty’s Rare Impact are joining forces for the Mental Health Youth Action Forum—May 18th.”

Mental Health Is Health shared the following information about the forum taking place on May 18.

“More than 18 months into COVID-19 and amidst a mental health crisis, MTV Entertainment Group, along with 18 leading mental health non-profits, recently announced the first convening to empower young people to drive culture from awareness to action on mental health through storytelling and media. Senior officials from the Biden-Harris Administration, including from the Department of Health and Human Services, are expected to speak during the Forum in early 2022, which will culminate with a White House event that will include talent, expert panels, and participant presentations.”

The initiative is a beautiful step forward in the mental health realm as the need for more open conversations surrounding mental wellbeing grows daily. Gomez herself has openly discussed mental health with her followers, acknowledging her 2020 bipolar diagnosis, and has been learning how to live with it.

In early April, Gomez also announced a new platform and project close to her heart, Wondermind, with a mission to prioritize mental wellness. In a press release, Gomez shared more about the need to prioritize mental health.

“Every person has their own mental health journey. If we ignore them, glamorize them or hide them from the world, it doesn’t change that the journey is very real. Wondermind is extending a larger mental health conversation that began for so many during this pandemic.”

Those interested in learning more about the forum in Washington DC can find out more here.