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Stephen King has a sacrilegious solution for polishing off an incomplete puzzle

Stephen King's delightfully unorthodox yet succinct approach to solving tricky puzzles resonates with fans.

stephen king sons of anarchy
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Literary icon Stephen King suggested an unconventional solution to a fellow author’s holiday puzzle on social media.

The King of Horror took to X, previously known as Twitter, and shared Bev Vincent’s nearly finished puzzle, adding a playful suggestion.

According to Vincent’s official website, he collaborated with King as co-editor of the 2018 anthology Flight or Fright. The Bram Stoker Award nominee has also written several books about King and his work, including Stephen King: A Complete Exploration of His Work, Life and InfluencesThe Dark Tower CompanionThe Road to the Dark Tower, and The Stephen King Illustrated Companion.

Fans expressed amusement over King’s delightfully unconventional method of tackling tricky puzzles. Many resonated with the colorful tip, and some had gone a step further to solve the enigmatic games.

Another fan pointed out that ingenuity was necessary to deal with the more unpredictable aspects of existence.

Other fans were impressed but not necessarily surprised by King’s crafty resolution for a puzzle with some missing pieces. They even used a descriptor frequently applied to the prolific author’s literary works.

Yet another fan shared a spine-tingling discovery in the thread, implying that there might be more meaningful ways to spend one’s vacation than solving puzzles.

King’s brief post holds a timeless truth; life isn’t always about following the rulebook. It can be just as meaningful to challenge existing norms. Sometimes, victory lies in letting our inner child come out to play by coloring in the missing pieces in life’s existential puzzles.

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