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Stephen King shares the innocent research that had him worried the authorities would come knocking on his door

Honestly, officer, it was research!

stephen king sons of anarchy
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Given the sheer volume of novels, short stories, novellas, screenplays, and everything else Stephen King has penned throughout his long and illustrious career, research surely wouldn’t be something he needs to concern himself with all that often.

After all, when it comes to crafting scary stories that indelibly live on in popular culture, there’s arguably nobody better. However, despite his status as one of the bestselling and most iconic authors of the modern era – if not all-time – he isn’t above typing the odd query into Google whenever he needs an answer to a question he doesn’t already know.

The downside is that said research may have triggered a couple of keyword searches among the authorities, after King responded to a tweet asking for any innocuous examples of online activity that could have been misconstrued by the people who definitely are not maintaining an eye on your communications in any way, shape, or form.

Let’s hope King cleared his browser history immediately afterwards, then, because that’s precisely the sort of sentence that’ll get you noticed. Presumably he did end up getting the information he was looking for in the first place, but let’s hope he didn’t end up being dragged down a dark web rabbit hole to get an in-depth and detailed explanation from a source that would have the feds kicking down his door and wondering why on earth Stephen King of all people was so concerned about bringing a firearm onto an airplane when he’s barely ever outside of Maine.

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