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‘Superman: Legacy’ star Anthony Carrigan shares the similarities between himself and DC’s Metamorpho

They can relate to how Metamorpho "felt like he was a freak."

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We were all pretty excited to learn that Barry standout Anthony Carrigan was tapped to play Metamorpho in the upcoming and highly anticipated Superman: Legacy. Turns out the two share some similarities.

Deadline caught up with Carrigan, and he talked about what it meant to get the role. In perfect Carrigan style, he didn’t hide his enthusiasm.

“I’m gobsmacked,” he said. “I think it’s just such an exciting new chapter, and such an exciting new chapter for DC. I think this movie has the potential to just really knock everyone’s socks off, and with James Gunn at the helm, I think it’s just going to be so much fun.”

He also mentioned feeling “thrilled” and “honored” about playing the role of a hero. “So, on top of everything, that’s pretty rad,” he remarked.

If you’re unfamiliar with the character of Metamorpho, which is understandable considering most people just realize he exists today, here’s a quick refresher: The character is an archaeologist named Rex Mason who found a radioactive Egyptian relic that transformed him into a creature that can shapeshift himself, and utilize any element to do so.

Part of his arc in the comics is that he’s always trying to find a way to be human again, and he always feels like a freak. Carrigan said that’s part of what helps him relate to the character. Especially because Carrigan suffers from a condition related to his baldness, he said, that makes him relate.

“I certainly think that at least in the source material, Metamorpho, when he was transformed into his superhero state, I think he was very reluctant to have it because he felt like he was a freak and he felt like he was no longer who he was. I can certainly kind of relate to that, in terms of my alopecia. So, that’s definitely something that I’ll be channeling and am excited to bring to the character itself.”

Carrigan shared that he’s really excited about being able to show a different side of himself, well, different than people are used to from him, like when he plays NoHo Hank in Barry. That role, by the way, just garnered him a third Emmy nomination. Regardless, he’s just happy to be working.

“Things come your way, and you get what you get, and you try not to get upset. But I would like to surprise people. I think a lot of people know me as NoHo Hank and would probably be expecting me to do something similar, and I kind of want to just keep people on their toes and keep stretching in different directions.”

Superman: Legacy is expected to start shooting in January.

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