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Disney Plus drops first look at the Marvel Studios film coming to streaming before ‘Secret Invasion’

A must-see for Marvel fans everywhere becomes available to stream next week.

The luminary who defied all boundaries of imagination and gifted the world its most iconic superhero stories, Stan Lee can never be forgotten. His unwavering passion for storytelling that earned him a legendary status reverberates through time. On what would have been Stan Lee’s 100th birthday in December 2022, Disney surprised fans with the announcement of a documentary that presents our beloved Stan Lee beyond the superheroes and comic books he wrote. Stan Lee first came to prominence as the founder of the Marvel Universe, but his charismatic personality enthralled audiences all around the world.

Stan Lee made cameos in every Marvel film, which turned into a beloved tradition and permanently etched him into our collective memory. A hitherto unseen side of Stan Lee (including the days when he didn’t have his ubiquitous mustache) will now be seen in the upcoming Disney Plus documentary, bringing his larger-than-life personality closer to us.

The trailer sends us into a nostalgic dream and offers never-before-seen insights into Stan Lee’s life, starting with his early years. Through the documentary, the world will learn about Stan Lee’s inspirations for founding Marvel Comics and how he transformed himself into a master storyteller who irrevocably changed the two most admired artistic mediums, comics and cinema.

The influence of Stan Lee went well beyond the world of comic books. He was the most humble, empathetic, tolerant, and ambitious person, and championed kindness and inclusivity. His inner self is reflected in his character and their stories, which will now be chronicled in the awe-inspiring documentary. His Genesis story and legacy will be presented in his own words, illuminating his unbreakable spirit.

Image via Disney Plus

Stan Lee arrives on Disney Plus on June 16, 2023.

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