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‘Vanishing Point’ star Barry Newman passes away at age 92

He will be missed.

Barry Newman
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A piece of shocking news has been revealed today that actor Barry Newman who is well-known for his appearance and notable performance in the Richard Sarafian movie, Vanishing Point died on May 11 at New York-Presbyterian Columbia University Irving Medical Center.

The information was shared by his wife, Angela as per The Hollywood Reporter who mentioned that the death occurred due to natural causes. Other than that, not much light has been shed on his death, but people have taken this occasion to revisit and pay tribute to his past works.

As mentioned above, Newman is renowned for starring in the 1971 film, Vanishing Point where he played a Vietnam veteran and a former race car driver, Kowalski who, to avoid a criminal conspiracy drove around in his Dodger Challenger to set matters straight.

The movie which is still deemed as an iconic action thriller has been praised by behemoths like Steven Spielberg who regarded it as one of his favorite movies of all time.

Besides appearing in a feature film, Newman also established his mark in the acting realm through his brilliant portrayal as the Attorney, Anthony Petrocelli in the television series, Petrocelli which was based on his role in the 1970 film, The Lawyer.

Newman’s interest in acting started when he was pursuing his education at Brandeis University. At that point, he encountered Lee Strasberg who inspired him to study acting.

Thereafter, he landed roles in Broadway shows such as The Mouse Trap and Maybe Tuesday prior to making his mark in the mainstream feature films and television shows even earning an Emmy and Golden Globe nominations for his performance in The Lawyer.  His other works include Fatal Vision, King Crab, and Daylight, to name a few.

Despite being lauded actor of his time, Newman’s acting career was interrupted in 2009 when he was diagnosed with vocal cord cancer. However, he managed to go strong delivering his final performance in his 2022 independent film, Finding Hannah.

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