Watch Brendan Fraser get emotional as his new movie receives a six-minute standing ovation

the whale brendan fraser venice film festival
Credit: @RaminSetoodeh/A24

One of the internet’s most beloved actors Brendan Fraser is back at the movies, and his new movie has just seen a six-minute standing ovation.

Directed by Darren Aronofsky, The Whale got a premiere at the Venice Film Festival which was widely loved as it picked up a standing ovation that lasted six minutes. Top-billed Fraser was seen in tears as the applause went on, and the clip has warmed the hearts of the internet’s denizens.

There must be someone cutting onions in here, because you may feel a bit moist-eyed watching Fraser receive his ovation.

It’s made even more resonant by the news of one of his other films getting canceled by Warner Bros. in Batgirl. Fraser had already filmed his role as the villain Firefly, but won’t be able to light it up with the film sent straight to the studio archives. The Whale, however, looks already as a strong contender for the awards season.

Fraser’s return to the mainstream is particularly poignant following a series of distressing events which caused The Mummy star to spiral into a depressive cycle, and away from the public eye. The Whale will catapult him back, and the standing ovation won’t be an isolated event: Aronofsky’s film is sitting at a cool 80 percent on Rotten Tomatoes.

Should The Whale get Academy recognition, it’ll be Aronofsky’s third film to do so, and first since Black Swan. The 2011 film saw nominations for Best Picture and Best Director, but didn’t win either.

The Whale will get a widespread theatrical release in Dec. 2022.

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