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What happened to Tammy Slaton’s forehead?

The condition is fortunately non-threatening but it is tied to weight gain.

Tammy Slaton. Photo:@tlc/YouTube Screenshot

It’s no surprise that the show 1000-lb Sisters is a hit. Besides the interesting premise, there’s the natural charisma of its stars Amy Slaton-Halterman and Tammy Slaton, from Dixon, Kentucky. The show has followed the sisters and their exploits for three seasons, with the latest finishing in the early months of this year.

Having a hit show means that people are more interested than usual in learning about the inner lives of its stars. This is especially true with Tammy, who has had her own share of health problems over the years. Many viewers noticed something was off with Tammy’s forehead and took to social to talk about it.

So what’s going on with Tammy’s forehead? Read on to find out.

Tammy Slaton has a number of health issues

Tammy has never been shy about the number and types of health issues she deals with on a daily basis. She had a blood clot in her lungs and suffers with issues from her gallbladder. her thyroid, high blood pressure and more.

These issues also present mental health challenges for the star, who admitted to People that she attempted suicide a few years ago.

“I attempted to kill myself last January,” she said. “I had a feeling that if I didn’t make changes now, I wasn’t going to live past 35.”

The third season of the show featured Tammy focusing on her health, according to the official synopsis.

“With her weight spiraling, Tammy makes the game-changing decision to check herself into rehab for food addiction, but her stay there may be short-lived as she considers the best way to reach her goals. She also appears to be talking to a new love interest, which is cause for concern for her family, as relationships have hindered Tammy’s progress in the past.”

Tammy Slaton’s forehead bulge

Many viewers noticed that Tammy’s forehead seemed to fluctuate in size often, with it being more noticeable and bulgy at some times and less at others. Tammy said she was going to see a doctor about the issue. The doctor told her it was a “fat socket” on her forehead.

The cause of the bulge is mostly attributed to the star’s health issues and weight gain. The doctor told her that as she loses weight and gains it back the socket is going to fluctuate in size. The reason for this, according to her doctor, is that the body is running out of places to store fat, so it started using her forehead.

The condition is purely cosmetic and doesn’t necessarily cause any additional health issues, although it is caused by obesity.

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